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Children’s Store Name: Original Examples & Tips

Children’s Store Name: Original Examples & Tips

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming a children’s store business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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Children’s Store Name: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Children’s Store Names & Logos
  2. How to create a logo for your children’s store
  3. How to create a logo for your children’s store

Are you planning to open a children’s store? In addition to the quality of goods and services, it is worth taking care of a creative name that will attract both children and parents. In the article, we will share ideas for developing an original name.

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Four simple steps of the children’s store naming

First of all, start from the niche of the business, the characteristics of the target audience, and the techniques that competitors use. Let’s talk about everything step by step.

Step 1. Choose an idea 

The basis for the children’s store name can have different characteristics – both physical and emotional:

  • Goods features. Tell your audience what exactly you will be selling (toys, accessories, shoes, clothes, books) and what the advantage of the product is (organic cotton fabrics, durable materials, etc.).
  • An image that evokes pleasant emotions. These can be any associations with the theme of a happy childhood (smile, love, care, comfort, play, pampering) or the names of fairy-tale characters that reflect the character of the brand.
  • Company values. Do you promote an eco-friendly lifestyle? Are you concerned about healthy nutrition for kids? Do you support young mothers? Reflect these values ​​in the title to attract the target audience.

Step 2: Analyze your competitors

Market analysis will indicate the vector of movement in the naming development. Carefully study the branding of similar companies by answering the questions:

  • What techniques do competitors use in their names?
  • What values ​do ​they convey?
  • What do buyers miss?

Your task is to move in the opposite direction from competitors: avoid similar techniques or names and use other tools to influence the target audience. So you can stand out on the market and quickly attract the attention of potential customers.

Step 3. Think of a few options

Use your creativity and start generating names based on the results of the analysis. You can write out options manually or use an online name generator. This method has two advantages: based on keywords, you will instantly get many options and will be able to create a logo based on them.

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Step 4. Check and choose

Choose up to ten options you like and pick the best one based on our checklist. The title should be:

  • simple and short;
  • understandable;
  • easy to read and pronounce;
  • memorable;
  • unique.

Examples of children’s store names

To get inspired and come up with ideas, study the names that famous brands in your niche have chosen. Here are some creative examples.

Children’s clothing store

Twirly Girl has the same bright image in its name as the clothes that are sold here. The founder of the brand admits that her business began with the fact that she wanted to sew beautiful and comfortable dresses for her daughters that would make them spin with joy.


Knitwear shop

Gemknits4kids – this name appeals to the desire of parents to give their children the best. As the owners of the brand say, they offer as valuable and special clothes as the kids.


Baby products

The name Angel Care refers to both the babies themselves, who are often associated with angels and the creatures who protect them. Since caring is one of the key values for parents, this word is intended to build trust in the brand.


Eco goods

The Baby Earth name reflects the environmental principles that the company adheres to. This phrase speaks of the desire to make children healthy and happy.


How to use a name in branding

If you open an offline store, make an attractive sign with the name and use it in interior design, on discount cards, business cards, and discount coupons. If online, the name should be put into several places on the site (header, footer, menu, and ordering page) and on social networks. If you are not only selling but also manufacturing the goods yourself, mark all things with the brand name.


Before coming up with a name for a baby store, carefully analyze your brand and target audience. Decide what character you want to show and what emotion to evoke in customers. Do not forget that the original name should convey the benefits of the business and distinguish you from your competitors on the market.

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