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Furniture company name: Original Examples & Tips

Furniture Company Names

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your furniture business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

Get a quick list of furniture company domain names to use as inspiration!

Just as every piece of furniture tells a story, so does the name of the business behind it. Your furniture business name isn’t merely a label but a reflection of the artistry, craftsmanship, and vision that fuels your brand. The process of naming your furniture business is akin to the meticulous care a carpenter takes in selecting the right wood for a masterpiece. It requires a blend of creativity, precision, and strategic foresight.

This guide is your compass in the vast sea of possibilities, designed to navigate you through the intricate journey of selecting a name that embodies the essence of your brand. Whether you draw inspiration from the materials you work with, the heritage of your craft, or the dreams you wish to instill in your customers’ homes, your business name is the first step in bringing that vision to life.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Tips for Creating Catchy Furniture Company Names 

To come up with ideas, start by analyzing your business and the needs of your target audience. Then move on to creating names with simplicity, uniqueness, and memorability in mind. Our tips will help you focus on the essentials.

1. Showcase what you offer

Your name should tell your customers what you do. Will you specialize in custom-made furniture? Upholstery? Modern furniture or timeless trends? Handmade coffee tables? Discounts on popular furniture brands? Do you have a unique selling proposition like price, production speed, or something else? Do you curate timeless trends and beautiful living spaces?

Be sure your furniture store name shows your customers what they can expect from your showroom.

2. Explain the value 

What are your customers’ deepest needs? How will your business meet those needs? Your name can help reflect your company’s mission and values, drawing customers in with the final result they’ll enjoy after purchasing pieces from you. 

From convenience and style to comfort and safety, your name can highlight your furniture store’s value add.

3. Be unique 

Analyze the names of competing companies in your niche. Learn the tricks they use in naming and make sure your name is original and unique. Also, check if the domain is free if you are going to create a website.

4. Keep it simple

The characteristics of a good name are simplicity and conciseness. A catchy furniture business name will be easy to remember and pleasant to hear. Don’t forget about the universality of the name: this criterion will come in handy if you are going to scale or enter the international market.

5. Use online name generators

Do you have a mess of different ideas and associations in your head? The ZenBusiness online generator can help you. Just enter keywords one by one and the name generator will suggest ready-made business name options. And to visualize the names you like, create a company logo based on them, choosing colors and fonts that reflect your character.

6. Don’t forget about state naming rules

When you’re trying to be creative, you probably don’t want to think about rules. But they’re an unavoidable part of running a business, so be sure to keep them in mind. Rules vary by state, but here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Your name can’t match the name of a registered business or a registered trademark
  • The name should avoid profanity or implying government affiliation
  • Certain terms, like “bank,” “insurance,” or other words, might require approval from a state agency

Ultimately, these are just a few examples of common state rules; you should confirm with your state’s unique rules to be sure that you’re compliant. And, to check that your furniture brand name is available, check out our free name search tool. 

Use an online generator to get a name for a furniture company today!

30 Furniture Business Name Ideas to Inspire Your Branding Efforts

Need a little creativity boost for your own furniture business? Here are 15 sample furniture business names to get your creative juices flowing. Or mix and match elements to create your own unique furniture company name! 

TimberCraft CreationsUrbanNest FurnishingsHeirloom & Oak
EcoHaven FurnitureVelvet & VineBlueprint Basics
Artisan’s AlcoveWanderWood FurnishingsHavenCraft Interiors
Loom & LanternModishMakersRusticRoots Furniture
ZenSpace DesignsLegacy Leather & LumberWhimsy Woodworks
ChicCraft FurnitureElysian InteriorsForge & Furnish
Nestled NookVogueVista FurnishingsWillow & Weave
Elemental SpacesHarbor Home FurnishingsPioneer Loft
Retreat & ReclineSculpt & FunctionCedar & Silk
Mystic Meadow FurnishingsUrban Edge StudiosGallery of Grains

Real-World Examples: Clever Furniture Company Names

From theory to practice: let’s look at examples of how real brands in the furniture industry use creative naming techniques.

Upholstered Furniture and Accessories Store

The name La-Z-Boy is pronounced Lazy Boy (“Lazy Boy”). The wordplay reflects the result that customers will get after buying comfortable sofas and armchairs.


Italian Furniture Store

The name Venicasa is translated from Italian as “Come home,” painting a vivid image: a cozy home that is nice to come back to.


Kitchen Design Studio

At Magnet, they promise to create not just a kitchen but an interior that will become part of the family. It’s a comfortable space. No wonder the studio chose that name.


Luxury Furniture Store

IQ Furniture hints that it sells luxury designer furniture, lighting, and accessories creating a smart and unique interior.


How to use a name in branding  

Your name is an integral part of your brand, so put it to use attracting customers. Make clients remember your name by pairing it with an appealing business logo and signage. Integrate your name into the header of your business website, your profiles on social media, email signatures, and more. If you’ll be shipping goods, consider adding your logo to some of your packing materials to elevate your shipping. 

Pairing powerful visuals with a creative name can help set your furniture company up for success.


Coming up with furniture store names can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Pick a name that tells customers about your mission or your products, make sure it abides by state laws, and you’re pretty much good to go! But most importantly, make sure you like your name. 

Here at ZenBusiness, we can help you register your own furniture business as an LLC or corporation. Let us navigate the pesky red tape for you so you can focus on what you love: selling beautiful furniture.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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