How to Create a Lamp Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The word lamp comes from a Greek word meaning a torch, a light. It is an artificial light source created by humans that represents light, shine, and new discoveries.

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What industries use?

A lamp can be used as a logo of educational projects, groups and trainings in new technologies. It symbolizes ideas and often supplements an image of the thinking person. A set of educational projects use the stylized image of a lamp as the logo for their projects.

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How to choose the right colors?

The logo for education, as a rule, is done on a light background, different colors can be used for the image, but most common ones are bright yellow and the shares of orange. These icons can also be used by companies that are engaged in the sale of electric equipment, lamps. Here bright colors of the vector image against a dark background will look good.

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What companies use?

Pixar Animation Studios — an American film studio working in a genre of computer animation has a logo with two white desk lamps on a blue background representing progress and creativity in the world of animation. GE energy, a manufacturer of energy saving bulbs made an emblem in the form of a circle radiating blue light. A set of educational projects use the stylized image of a lamp as the logo for their projects.

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