How To Create a Camera Logo?

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What industries use?

A logo featuring a camera is mostly used by photo and video studios that provide a narrow range of services. While such business often has abstract names that make it hard to identify the industry they’re working in, their logos must be as clear and straightforward as possible. It’s not surprising that a camera is the most common image used on such emblems. Other popular symbols include films, tripods, and photos.

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How to choose the right colors?

As for the appropriate colors, black and white are an undeniable classic. However, there is no strict rule to stick with this combination. After all, the time of monochrome pictures are long gone. Don’t be afraid to mix bold shades, such as red, yellow, orange, and azure. Photography is all about emotions so be sure to reflect this in your emblem!

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Canon Logo

What companies use?

The logo of Birdie photo studio is a great example of professional work with unusual color choices. If you’re into more conventional options, check out the emblem of Laiks Foto, a Latvian photo company. Producers of imaging devices tend to use text emblems, aka logotypes. While standing out through original typography solutions, such logos employ a modest color palette (1-2 shades, tops) and transparent background. You’ve surely seen the logos that represent such giants as Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

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Logos created by ZenBusiness

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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