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Are you in the process of forming a new LLC and require some assistance?

There are plenty of LLC services such as MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom that can help you out, but it can be tricky to figure out which one will be the right fit for your company.

This MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom comparison is structured in a way that highlights the commonalities and differences between these two providers, with the goal being to help you choose which one can best serve your business.

Quick Summary

MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom are two highly capable companies that you can trust to form your compliant LLC in an efficient manner. Each has some advantages over the other.

MyCompanyWorks is a more well-rounded service provider with lower prices, fast customer support responsiveness, and more efficient LLC formations. However, LegalZoom has far more experience than MyCompanyWorks.

6 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: Either of these services is capable of forming your new LLC while still saving you hundreds of dollars over hiring an experienced business lawyer to handle your formation.

2) Customer Support: Both MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom have friendly, professional customer service reps who can help you through every step of the LLC formation process, as well as assist you with ongoing compliance requirements.

3) Educational: Need more information, whether it relates to your LLC formation or something else down the line? Both of these companies have learning centers on their websites, where you can find solutions to all sorts of compliance questions.

4) Experience: These are both highly experienced service providers. LegalZoom and MyCompanyWorks have served thousands (or even millions) of customers each, so you can trust them to complete your formation accurately and efficiently.

5) Additional Services: If you require further business services, there’s no need to track down multiple providers. MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom both offer extensive legal and business solutions, like registered agent service, licensing and permits, etc.

6) Efficiency: Do you need your LLC formed quickly? That’s not a problem for these companies, as they both have options available to speed up your formation’s processing time. It costs extra, of course, but it can be worth it if you are in a hurry.

Side-by-Side Comparisons


LegalZoom: While LegalZoom does offer a $0 package for LLC service, the number of upsells can get overwhelming — and expensive. Furthermore, they do not include registered agent service with any of their formation packages, and it costs a variable fee of $249-299 per year to add on.

MyCompanyWorks: Their basic package is $59, which isn’t a bad price considering the business documents included, but they do not include registered agent service. Also, with the higher-level packages costing $199 and $279, we would expect to see a bit more by way of added value. On the plus side, their registered agent service only costs $99 per year, which is a good rate.


LegalZoom: LegalZoom has a marked experience advantage, as they’ve served more than 2 million business customers — and 4 million clients overall — since they started providing web-based business services in 2001.

MyCompanyWorks: MyCompanyWorks also opened in 2001, and they’re plenty experienced as well, with 60,000+ business clients served.

Customer Support

LegalZoom: LegalZoom offers phone and email support. We reached out twice via the email form on their site, but it took them a full week to respond. The response we received was generic – thanking us for reaching out but not answering our question.

When we contacted them via phone, our question was answered very thoroughly. The representative went into detail about our different options and then sent us an email with their direct extension so that we could reach out directly with questions. Overall, while their phone support is good, their online support could be improved.

MyCompanyWorks: MyCompanyWorks provides customers with phone and email support. We reached out via the form on their website and received a response back in less than 24 hours, and we were also able to quickly reach an employee on the phone. Their reps were courteous and professional, and they elaborated a bit on their responses as well.

Turnaround Times

LegalZoom: Unlike most competitors, their turnarounds are based on which package you order rather than which state you’re forming in. With their most expensive package, you could receive your finalized business formation documents in 7-10 business days, but their cheaper packages take as long as 30 business days (six weeks).

MyCompanyWorks: MyCompanyWorks guarantees that they’ll process your formation paperwork the same day you submit your order if it’s before 3 pm ET or the next business day if you submit your order after 3 pm ET. They also offer an upgrade to expedite service with the state once the paperwork is filed, and they have detailed estimates for both standard and expedited service on the order form.

Customer Reviews

LegalZoom: LegalZoom has a slightly larger volume of customer feedback, as you might expect, considering the fact that they’re a bigger operation. We found 6,000+ reviews for LegalZoom, and while they do have some negative reviews mixed in, a majority of this feedback is positive.

MyCompanyWorks: MyCompanyWorks enjoys strong customer feedback, with high average scores and more than 3,900 reviews. Their customers often go into detail about the quality of support they receive and how customizable their services are.

Additional Services

MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom both offer a wide variety of additional services that can help you form, maintain, and expand your business. They provide many of the same services as well, including doing business as (DBA) names, registered agent service, annual reports, foreign qualifications, and more.

However, MyCompanyWorks also offers virtual office services, which LegalZoom doesn’t. On the other hand, LegalZoom provides access to many personal services in addition to their business services, so they can help you with things like last will and testament, living trusts, power of attorney, divorce papers, and more.

Which LLC Service Should You Choose?

While these companies may offer similar services, they also have plenty of differences that may make one of them more appealing to you than the other. When it comes to forming your LLC, you want to make sure you’re making the best choice.

If you still haven’t chosen which one you prefer, let’s go over some scenarios that might help you make your decision.

Choose MyCompanyWorks if You Are:

MyCompanyWorks has faster turnaround times, more responsive customer support, and lower prices. If that’s important to you, choose MyCompanyWorks.

Choose LegalZoom if You Are:

LegalZoom has an advantage when it comes to two important factors: experience and brand power. If these are priorities for you, then LegalZoom should be a strong choice for your LLC formation.

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The best LLC formation package from MyCompanyWorks is their $59 Basic plan.

With this option, you get some solid features along with your formation, including an operating agreement, a company compliance alert system, and organizational minutes.

LegalZoom is a very popular and well-known LLC service. To get a glimpse of how they compare to other top LLC formation services:

While MyCompanyWorks does not offer to handle publication requirements on your behalf, they do offer to “send you detailed instructions for publishing your LLC” if you’re forming in a state that requires it.

Considering that they do this free of charge, we’d say they’ve found a decent way to fill the middle ground between completing this step for you and leaving you to figure it out for yourself. For what it’s worth, LegalZoom offers no assistance with the publication process.

If you would rather hire a company to take care of this process on your behalf, take a look at ZenBusiness or BizFilings. For more information, check out our guide to the best New York LLC publication services.

MyCompanyWorks has very few upsells, and when they do present you with opportunities to add features, they’re not remotely pushy about it.

This is in sharp contrast to the way LegalZoom handles upsells, which is to pile them on as much as possible. Before you even reach LegalZoom’s LLC formation service package selection screen, they’ve already attempted $1,080 worth of upsells.

LegalZoom takes a different approach to processing times than most of its competitors do, as they’re based on what level of service you order from them rather than on each state’s order processing capabilities.

If you purchase their Economy package, they estimate a 30 business day turnaround, while their Standard package takes 15 business days, and their Express Gold package takes 7-10 business days.

MyCompanyWorks has more typical processing times, as they vary by state instead of by how much money you spend. In some states, they can have an order processed in just a few days, but other states can take several weeks.

You certainly can, and quite a few entrepreneurs do choose to form their own LLCs without assistance. The main reason we’re not huge fans of the DIY route is that every state has a different process for forming LLCs.

Because of this, you’ll need to learn the details of what your formation state requires, which can be a hassle. Services like us at ZenBusiness can form your LLC for free, as long as you cover the state fee.

LegalZoom has a noteworthy advantage when it comes to its level of experience. In fact, LegalZoom has served approximately 6 million customers!

On the other side of the coin, MyCompanyWorks has more affordable price points, which is always a welcome attribute.

The biggest advantage for MyCompanyWorks is the responsiveness of its customer support network. You’ll hardly ever wait more than 20 minutes for a response if you contact them during business hours.

As for Incfile, their inclusion of a year of registered agent service with every formation package is a noteworthy advantage over much of this entire industry.

Both of these companies offer quite a bit of ongoing compliance assistance, but they do not share the same pricing models in this regard. LegalZoom offers registered agent service on a variable pricing model that could be as affordable as $249, or as expensive as $299 per year.

By contrast, MyCompanyWorks charges a flat annual fee of just $99 for this same service. These companies both offer annual report service too, and while LegalZoom charges a reasonable rate of $55 for this feature, MyCompanyWorks provides annual reports for just $49.

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