How to Amend an Arizona Articles of Incorporation

Explore the essential reasons for amending your Articles of Incorporation in Arizona to adapt to changing business needs. Delve into our comprehensive guide for step-by-step insights, ensuring a seamless amendment process for your company.

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When an Arizona corporation needs to make changes to its vital public information, the state requires filing Articles of Amendment documenting the changes. Here is a short guide to help you understand Arizona Articles of Incorporation amendments. If you need to form your corporation first, check out our Arizona incorporation services.  

What are Arizona Articles of Incorporation?

Arizona Articles of Incorporation create and register your business with the State of Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). Your Articles of Incorporation provide vital information about your registered business to the state and to the people you do business with.

We can help you in forming your Arizona registered business, whether it’s a corporation or limited liability company. We can help you obtain the tools to confidently do business in Arizona as well as understand how to file an amendment.

Step 1: Determine whether you need to change your Arizona Articles of Incorporation

Your Articles of Incorporation need to reflect the most current information about who you are and how you do business. The state requires up-to-date Articles of Incorporation to make your business legal and allow you to enjoy the benefits and legal protections that corporations enjoy. If any Articles of Incorporation information needs to be added or updated, inform the ACC.

Typically, businesses inform the state about changes to their Articles of Incorporation for the following reasons: 

  • To disclose or update public information so that other businesses and the public can get in touch
  • To update the name of a statutory agent for service of process 
  • To amend material details for compliance and audit purposes

Once you file the amendment form, a registered business has to wait for the ACC to approve its filing. 

Amending your Articles of Incorporation can be a confusing part of business compliance, and we are here to help. We are eager to help you focus on your business because that is what matters. We do so through our Worry-Free Compliance service, which includes two amendments of your Articles of Incorporation annually.

When a company lacks up-to-date Articles of Incorporation, the ACC won’t issue a Certificate of Good Standing. A Certificate of Good Standing demonstrates that a business is “in good standing” with relevant laws and regulations. Proof of good standing is almost always required to open bank accounts, lease property, and perform other business functions. Failure to get a Certificate of Good standing can limit your business’s growth into other states and your ability to raise capital or engage business partners.

Step 2: Review requirements for your Arizona amendment

You need to report anything that has been added to or changed within your Articles of Incorporation. This can include:

  • Name change
  • Change in classification of shares 
  • Change in statutory agent

Provide supporting documents, like board meeting minutes, for the changes to be made. File these Articles of Amendment with the ACC electronically online, by mail, or in person.

Step 3: File your Arizona amendment

To file an amendment to your articles, you need to use the exact name recorded with the ACC on your new filing. If you’re uncertain about your company’s exact name on file, check with the ACC. The Articles of Amendment need to be signed, either digitally or with “wet-ink.” The chairman of the board of directors, an officer of the corporation, a trustee, receiver, or court-appointed fiduciary can all legally sign the amendment. 

In Arizona, unlike in many other states, there are no specific limitations on what you can change using Articles of Amendment. In fact, you can change any Articles of Incorporation information using an amendment, except for the incorporators. 

Step 4: Meet Arizona publication requirements

The ACC approves your Articles of Amendment before any other steps are required. Once your amendment is approved, Arizona requires publication of the Articles of Amendment in a newspaper of general circulation in the Arizona county where you do business. You will need to publish the amendment for three consecutive publications within 60 days of approval by the ACC.

Compliance requirements can be complex and confusing, and we can help you navigate them with our worry-free compliance tools. We also have statutory (registered) agent services, and amendment services to help you on your way to success in Arizona.

Arizona Articles of Amendment and Restated Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Amendment allow you to add articles and make changes to your Articles of Incorporation. Restated Articles of Incorporation simply re-establish your original articles. In some states, these two combine into one filing, called Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation. In Arizona, all updates can be made on the Articles of Amendment form. 

We can help make the amendment process smoother with our Worry-Free Compliance service, which includes two amendments to your Articles of Incorporation annually. 

We’re here for your Arizona compliance needs

Updating and amending your Arizona Articles of Incorporation is an important part of Arizona business compliance. We can help give you peace of mind with the Worry-Free Compliance service (which includes two amendments), as well as business entity formation, statutory (registered) agent, and amendment services.

Arizona Amendment FAQs

  • All registered business entities including corporations and limited liability companies may need to file Articles of Amendment using the appropriate form for their entity type.

  • Businesses must confirm the most recent schedule of fees with the Arizona Corporation Commission, as it may change.

  • Anyone can file the amendment, but the document needs to be signed by an authorized signatory like the chairperson of the board of directors.

  • File Articles of Amendment with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

  • No, Articles of Amendment are not the same as an annual report.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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