11 Best Self Employed Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling

If you’ve chosen the path of self-employment, it’s likely because you’re after a more independent lifestyle. You see opportunity to do something you love on your own terms. If travel is one of the things you love, this list of self-employed jobs is for you.

1. Truck Driver

Though you can work for a trucking company that will provide a rig for you to drive, most truckers purchase their own semi-truck and contract loads. You’ll work with a variety of companies and travel across the country several times over. With some education, a CDL, and a vehicle, you can easily get started. If you don’t mind driving for hours on end, you’ll get to see some incredible sights during your workday. Like the industry, but don’t want to do all the driving yourself? Start a trucking company.

2. Travel Blogger

If you’re the kind of person who puts all your extra money away for travel, and you have a knack for writing, you might make a great travel blogger. These writers travel the world or a broad region in their niche, recording their experiences through photographs and text. You can choose your destinations, and all your travel expenses will be tax deductible as an extra perk.

3. Food Critic

Similar to a travel blogger is a food critic, except instead of writing about the places you visit, you write about the food you ate. If your palette has always been overly sophisticated, and you find yourself rating and comparing restaurants with your friends, consider throwing yourself into this writing career.

Just note that it takes more than a love of food and travel to be a good critic. You also need to have an enchanting way with words, describing the way food tastes so that readers can almost taste it themselves.

4. Entertainer

Whether you’re a comedian, singer, dancer, contortionist, or magician, you can get gigs all over the world. Cruise ships are some of the best gigs for entertainers. You’ll get free passage to exotic locations as well as payment for your services in exchange for performing just a couple of times within a week or two.

5. Freelance writer

The market is vast for freelance writers and independent writing contractors. This is one of the best self-employed jobs for those who love to travel because you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

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6. Domestic Service Provider

Those in need of au pairs, housekeepers, nannies, dog walkers, butlers, and similar service providers will advertise around the world for qualified applicants. Hiring abroad for domestic service workers is especially common in Western Europe. If you’ve ever wanted to live overseas for a period of your life, now is the time to take advantage.

7. Seasonal Employee

Cruise lines, luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, tour services, and more all need extra help during the busy times of the year. Seasonal workers are contracted for two or three months, usually with housing and food provided. You’ll usually work in beautiful vacation spots with some excellent tippers. It’s a great way to stockpile cash while enjoying the sights.

8. International Business Consultant

Anyone talented in international business can become a consultant where you can choose your assignments. You’ll act as a liaison and helper for international businesses, traveling abroad and working with different cultures. It’s an incredibly satisfying job with some amazing perks.

9. Travel Agent

Most travel agents are contractors who get paid on commission when they book vacations for clients. They give advice to travelers and help them find great deals. The really good agents will not only research vacations online, but they’ll experience them first-hand. All travel can be deducted from taxes, and you’ll be indirectly paid for going on vacation.

10. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you’ll spend your days guiding tourists around cities, wildlife refuges, national parks, national monuments, and so much more. Your job revolves around traveling, and you’ll find yourself at home amidst the history and cultures that surround you.

11. Street Musician

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or any other formal certification to be a street performer. All you need is creativity and talent. It’s not exactly a glamorous lifestyle, but if you’re talented, you can easily support yourself by playing in big cities, on the beach, and in touristy areas with just your music. You get to travel the world while doing what you love. Some people would do anything to have that!

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This article was written by Anna Johansson. Anna is the founder and CEO of Johansson Consulting where she works with businesses to create marketing and PR campaigns.

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