13 Ways to Self-Motivate Yourself to be Productive if You Are Working From Home

Working in an office allows you to come in contact with a lot of other people who work the same hours and for the same purpose. This environment gives you the chance to work under a certain schedule and stay focused as everyone else around you is doing the same.

Working from home is a whole different process where you have to set your own rules and motivate yourself to work hard and be productive. Whether you are new or experienced in this field of work yet lack the motivation, here are some of the best ways you can help yourself become more productive.

Wake up bright and early

One of the very first ways to motivate yourself to stay focused on your work is to begin working early in the morning. Most companies follow this tactic as their employees have gotten enough rest at night and will be able to focus on their tasks with a clear head and much more ease. 

On top of that, your clients and anyone you might be working for or with will be up and working as well. This will make communication a lot easier and more effective and will allow you to stay motivated and work every morning. You will also be done with work relatively early so you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day.

Be Your Own Boss

Don’t stay in your pajamas

Just like every employee has to put on their work outfits in order to go to their office, you should also never stay in your pajamas when you have work to do. When you work from home, going back to bed is a very big temptation and being too comfortable can seriously damage your productivity.

Putting on a simple yet casual outfit will help you feel more awake and ready to take on any task you have decided to achieve for that day.

Have a good breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day by many experts. Apart from having your everyday cup of coffee, you should also make it a habit to have a well-balanced meal when you wake up. Fueling your brain with the right nutrients will help you stay more focused and feel less tired during the day.

Go for a morning run

There is nothing better than some exercise early on in the morning in order to help you start your day off with something productive. If you can motivate yourself enough to wake up and exercise, you will be able to tackle all the goals you have set for the day.

Work on a schedule

Working from home without having a set schedule is probably a recipe for disaster. One of the best things you can do in order to stay motivated is to always work at the same time every day. 

This type of schedule will help your mind get in order and know that it is time to focus on work at a certain part of the day.

Set deadlines for yourself

Being your own employer means that you might have to set deadlines for all of the things you need to achieve. If you lack motivation, deadlines will remind you of everything that needs to be done and they will help create a sense of urgency which will help you complete your work with more ease.

Create a productive working environment 

A big mistake people can make when working from home is working in the same space they live in. Having your own isolated office in your house will truly help your productivity and concentration levels. Make sure to have everything you will need around you so you don’t have to leave your work in order to get something from another house. 

Use blue light to your advantage

The types of lighting you are exposed to can seriously affect the way you pay off. The best solution to increase your productivity is to either put your desk close to a window or use blue light lamps to simulate natural sunlight in order to stay awake and be more productive. 

Eliminate distractions

Having your phone close by might be necessary but it can also be seriously impacting your productivity. The things that should be around you in your office space should only be absolutely necessary for your work. Anything that could cause a distraction should probably be left in a different room.

Take frequent breaks

Another thing you need to take into consideration is that you might be overworking yourself. Working for too many hours consecutively without taking enough breaks can cause you to lose your focus and work at a much slower pace.

“Breaks are necessary for every workspace and can help you change your surroundings and get some fresh air when you most need it. Never neglect to get some rest, even if it is for ten minutes”, advises Nora Clarke, an HR specialist for Best Essay Education.

Work outside of the home

If you have ever wondered about all the people typing away at their keyboards at Starbucks, you have probably come across a herd of freelancers in their natural habitat. All jokes aside, working outside of the home can help you find a sense of belonging which can increase your productivity easily. 

Get enough sleep

A big problem many freelancers encounter is not having a set time for sleeping and waking up. Since there is usually no reason for them to wake up early on a daily basis, they tend to sleep late on the regular. This can mess with your sleep schedule and cause you to feel tired, even if you slept for many hours.

The secret to getting enough rest when going to sleep is to keep a regular sleeping schedule. This means going to sleep at around the same time every day and waking up around the same time on a daily basis. This habit will help you get enough sleep and rest, and therefore be less tired and moody when it’s time to work. 

Use productivity apps and tools

Productivity apps and various online tools will help you become more effective at your work and finish all your tasks without much effort. There are different types of tools you can use, like Google Calendar in order to organize your deadlines better. 

Tools such as TrustMyPaperGrammarly, and GrabMyEssay can help you to always proofread your emails on time before sending them and making sure you always seem professional.

In addition to these, you can use tools such as Evernote in order to make sure you always have a way to keep track of your important notes and new ideas. Studicus can help you edit and polish all the written content you need to share with your clients.

Make working from home a fun experience

Working from home doesn’t have to be tiring. The most important thing to do if you wish to motivate yourself and work harder is to always have a schedule planned and follow the rules and deadlines you have set for yourself.

This can drastically change your experience for the better and help you start enjoying working again. At the end of the day, your occupation should be something you look forward to doing, even if you are tired or in a bad mood.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out as a home-based freelancer?

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