4 Powerful Reasons Why POP Displays Are An Effective Retail Marketing Strategy For Your Startup

POP displays, short for point-of-purchase displays, are an effective retail marketing strategy that can help startups gain a position in the market. Customized POP displays are known to feature or highlight new products and upcoming brands. Many startups gather funds to target the appropriate audience through POP displays. These displays are a useful marketing tool that can benefit new businesses in multiple ways. POP displays allow products to stand out, satisfy the doubts of new customers, deliver helpful information about the products, strategically locate products, and create unique brand recognition. Read the following points to help you understand why you should consider POP displays to promote your startup:

#1: Instantly Draw Shoppers’ Attention

Point-of-purchase displays are known to draw the attention of customers in retail stores. POP displays are a valuable marketing strategy for your startup as new products require the instant attention of massive shoppers. They promote products and build brand awareness. The impressive POP displays come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to catch customers’ attention. They are considered an excellent option to supplement the packaging of your products so that your new brand can conveniently stand out in the store. POP displays are known to be visually striking. The effective placement of POP displays is essential to draw the attention of 45% to 50% shoppers that pass them by. POP displays offer useful information related to your products that can help your business gain potential customers in the shortest period.

#2: Ensure Unique & Personalized Experience

In this highly competitive environment, the audience desires a unique and personalized experience, which is an imperative thing to serve if you like your startup to grow at a rapid pace. POP displays are beneficial to help shoppers enjoy a personalized experience in retail stores. POP displays are well-recognized to offer unique and attention-grabbing features so that shoppers can understand about new products. When the interactive features are combined with the visual beauty of POP displays, they ensure maximum unique retail experience and customers’ engagement. Moreover, you can offer special deals, QR codes, and touch-screen displays to increase brand awareness and encourage shoppers to buy your products.

#3: Maximize Brand Image

Generally, brand image is the public impression of a product or business. A strong brand image is needed to attract potential customers and retain existing customers. Startups and small businesses with zero brand image usually don’t stand a chance in the long-run. You should know that startup branding is imperative to ensure future success. POP displays are a valuable retail marketing approach to present new products of your business to the general public. Moreover, POP displays that come in the large canvas are a great way to optimize your brand message and position your products in the minds of the target audience. Nowadays, many startups aim to engage visitors and build brand image through POP displays at trade shows, exhibitions, and retail stores.

#4: Encourage Impulse Buying

POP displays are an ideal solution if you are looking to ramp up sales volume. These displays can work quite well to target impulse buyers for your startup, and continuously entice potential customers that are already roaming around in stores. Well-placed POP displays are a smart way of advertising and are likely to leave a long-term impression on the audience. It is noticed that when buyers are making routine purchases, they like to add something new in their trolleys. Hence, POP displays often work to encourage impulse and unplanned buying behavior, particularly in the food & beverage industry. We can say that point-of-purchase displays are a profound marketing tactic to increase sales volume and improve business profitability.

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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