6 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

Do you ever feel as though your brand isn’t doing as well as it should? Rebranding is a big challenge and requires a lot of time, so it’s best to be sure before commencing the process. Rebranding can have many benefits, including reaching out to a new audience and ensuring your brand is more relatable to modern times. Here are six tell-tale signs it’s time to rebrand your business.

You Aren’t Happy with Your Brand

If you are simply not happy with your brand anymore, how do you expect your employees or customers to be happy with it? If you can’t show enthusiasm and belief in your own branding, you aren’t going to get very far and ultimately, you will lose your passion for the brand. We all change as we grow and although you may have been happy with your branding a few years ago, this doesn’t mean you still like it now. If you find yourself cringing when showing someone your business card or website or you hate your brand name, now is the time to change it, before you lose hope.

You’re Expanding

You’re expanding? Whilst this is amazing news, it might be you need to rebrand for the purpose of reaching your new demographic audience. If your brand holds a connotation to the place you started out or has the name of the city within the logo or brand name, it is time to rebrand to ensure your customers know what areas you cover. If you are looking at expanding soon, rebranding beforehand is a great idea.

Your Brand is Getting Lost in the Crowd

Find that your brand is just getting lost in a crowd of competitors? Does your brand now seem boring and bland? Every business wants its brand to stick out and with new technology, brands are becoming more and more distinctive with their branding. A good businessperson knows how to capitalize best on their own exclusive services, so be sure your brand reflects the unique services you can offer customers. The business world is competitive and new companies are being formed every day, meaning now is a better time than any to break free from the norm.

Name and Vision No Longer Reflect One Another

Your brand name is what most customers will remember, therefore, this needs to be a total reflection of your brand’s vision. As times and cultures change, brand visions often change alongside. Whilst a great name five years ago, your brand name may not be a name you are happy with in the modern era. If you have been considering a new name and have some ideas that sound much better, change it.

You Want to Reach a Modern Audience

Times change and audiences change. Nearly everyone in the world owns a cell phone, meaning if you want to reach a modern audience, you need to adapt to this. Redefining your brand to fit with this new demographic will lead to an expansion of your business. Social media sites are an essential marketing strategy for brands and if you don’t see your brand looking good as an Instagram profile, it may be time to modernize it. Once you have rebranded, consider doing giveaways or promoting your rebrand on social media with the help of merchandise. There are lots of t-shirt design templates, which are great if you want to show off your new brand with a wearable design. If you want to reach fresh talent and are struggling to find exceptional employees, a rebrand to suit a more modern audience may also help with this.

Your Business Strategy Is Changing

Business strategies change as companies discover new technologies or reach new audiences. If your business model has changed and your brand doesn’t go along with this, rebranding is always an option to ensure you are reaching your goals. What happens behind the scenes should closely align with how consumers perceive your brand. If you do believe a rebrand is imminent, start working on a rebranding strategy.

If you believe your company isn’t reaching the heights you want it too, rebranding may be the best choice. If the above signs are resonating deeply with you, start your journey to rebranding your business, so you can get back to the top of your game.

By: John Pearson

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