How You Know Your Company Needs a Logo Redesign: ZenBusiness Checklist


  1. The inevitability of logo redesign
  2. When do I need to revisit my logo?
  3. How to redesign your old logo
  4. How to use your new logo
  5. Keep calm
  6. How can I redesign my logo?
  7. Bottom line

Sooner or later, new things that used to seem so enticing become trite and boring. Whether you like it or not, this is one of the fundamental “laws” our world is built upon. This rule applies to every aspect of life and every industry, including graphic design. An outdated logo may have a destructive effect on the company, both in terms of its profits and reputation. This is why it’s essential to timely realize that your emblem needs revisiting and make the necessary changes without scaring away your loyal clientele. Plus, you need to use your new branding in a smart way to be able to maximize its effectiveness. This article will give you insightful tips on how to handle these and other important issues.

The inevitability of logo redesign

While creating your first brand identity, you must have come across tons of content highlighting the importance of creating a clever logo, business card, promotion materials, etc. Following the tips from seasoned businessmen, you worked hard to craft a unique corporate style, aiming to make a strong impact on your customers and partners. But did you know back then that your brand identity had a “best-before date”? We bet you didn’t!

It’s hard to think about a more dynamic and fickle industry than graphic design. If you’re following design-themed online resources, you must know that new fonts, modern color solutions, and innovative design techniques are emerging every day! No matter how stylish and beautiful, your logo is becoming less relevant at a scary speed, risking to be added to the vintage category.

One of the key functions performed by a logo is that of promoting your brand among customers. Your design must be attractive enough to grab and retain the attention of your target audience. A dated logo can’t do that. While your existing customers may let it slide, new clients won’t even look at an emblem that has long lost touch with time.

When do I need to revisit my logo?

Just like teenagers grow out of their children’s clothes, companies “grow out” of their corporate identities. Of course, not every company has to refresh or fully redesign their emblem. Otherwise, it will be a frustrating waste of time, money, and nerves. One example is the Houseparty social network that decided to overhaul its logo without having any objective reasons to do so. Later the company had to admit that the rebranding had failed to produce the impact they had hoped for. However, there are situations when rebranding may be just what the doctor ordered. There are certain “markers” that signal you that it may be the right time to update your emblem. Read on to check them out!

Corporate changes

A rebranding can be a great way to draw attention to noteworthy events in your company’s life, whether structural, economic, or otherwise. You have a new board of directors? You are expanding to new markets? You have merged with your long-time partner? Or maybe you are focusing on a new group of customers? Each of these developments can find a reflection in your new visual identity.


If you know nothing about graphic design trends, you can’t possibly tell whether your emblem is still relevant or stopped speaking to your public years ago. However, if you have a gut feeling that your logo might need some tweaking, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced designer. Professionals will review your logo and give you recommendations on how you can make it more trendy. Here is a word of warning, though. When it comes to trends, it’s important not to lose touch with common sense. Too frequent adjustments will inevitably blow a hole in your budget and make your customers turn their backs on you.

Fading interest

If you can’t put your finger on why your company is losing its positions, take a closer look at your emblem. You may discover that it’s your outdated branding that is dragging your business down. Take the time to analyze the logos of your major competitors. Identify their strong and weak sides. Borrow some useful ideas and adjust them to your brand. A refreshed branding is a good way to tell your audience that you’re willing to fight for their trust and renew their interest in your products.

Low-quality logo

It’s a common situation when an aspiring company with a super tight budget is starting out with a poorly designed logo. Young businessmen either draw an emblem themselves, or hire an inexperienced designer to do the job. In either case, the result is often disappointing. As your business is gaining traction, you need a more solid design to represent who you are. This is when rebranding is called for.

Generic logo

A few years ago, your logo might have looked modern and edgy. However, with time, your selected font, graphics or color combinations have grown very popular, making your design look bleak and boring. The originality is gone, and now you’re stuck with a generic logo that looks just like any other emblem in your industry. It’s high time to move one and breath a new life into your emblem. Show your customers that your brand is one-of-a-kind!

How to redesign your old logo

The question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves is: “How my audience are going to react if I redo my logo?” Our advice is not to worry about that. For the most part, the existing customers welcome rebranding because it signals them that your brand is keeping up with time. Plus, it’s a smart way of telling your public that you care about them and want to retain their loyalty. As for new customers, a modern, stylish design is sure to catch their eye, encouraging them to check out your products and services. At the same time, avoid making drastic changes unless you want to confuse your customers.

What to remove

Be sure to say “goodbye” to the elements that make your logo look cluttered or dated. Most logo redesigns are all about erasing shadows, removing excessive words, and switching to a more legible font. If your logo colors are too saturated, replace them with more subtle shades. In other words, pursue minimalism. Follow the example of Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other major brands. Step by step, their emblems were shedding unnecessary elements, turning into the true gems of logo design. It’s their simplicity that makes these logos look powerful.

What to add

No one wants to have a generic logo that looks like a clone. Add the elements that reflect your company personality and render your design unique. It can be a letter, graphic or anything that will contribute a new interesting meaning to your branding. Believe us, customers love to “decipher” the hints hidden in a logo! If there is a particular detail you want to emphasize, use bold colors and 3D effect.

How to use your new logo

Promote your logo

Before you start to use your refreshed logo on your site, business cards, banners, etc., think about a smart way of presenting it to the public. Any changes in a company image tend to raise multiple questions. Ungrounded speculations from ill-natured clients or envious competitors risk undermining your hard-earned reputation. To avoid negativity and gossip, take the reins into your hands and clear the situation before people start talking. One way to go is to launch a PR campaign. Reveal to your audience why you’ve decided to do a rebranding. Also, you may share some curious details regarding the redesign process. Promote your new emblem on your social media (Youtube channel, VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and other online platforms, in guest articles, etc.

Don’t overdo it

It’s not uncommon that after overhauling a logo, the company owner is overcome by inspiration to revisit other things as well, including a website. However, redesigning a website is a very complex task that requires technical expertise. Even if you have some design skills and mastered the basics of Bitrix, WordPress or Joomla, you still need to hire a programmer and web designer. Keep in mind that your website must keep the features your visitors are used to. With that said, don’t be too hasty to start a “design revolution” acting on emotions.

Keep calm

You can’t please everyone, so prepare to face a certain number of negative reviews. There always will be someone who doesn’t like your new visual identity, and that’s OK. Major companies have to deal with that, too. For example, after Zara had reduced the spaces between the letters in its logotype, Internet users started to joke that the letters were about to pile on top of each other. Upon seeing a new Аvon emblem, the public said that the brand had stolen the idea from Zara. Ikea, too, got its fair share of criticism as many customers were saying that adjustments to its logo were totally unnecessary. What advice is there to give? Grow thick skin and only listen to sound feedback.

How can I redesign my logo?

Since you already have a logo, you must know a thing or two about how to make one. You can contact the designer who worked on your original emblem and explain to them your new vision. If you have a bigger budget this time, you can look for a more experienced (and costly) professional. If you need more control, feel free to open Photoshop and redraw your current design yourself. At least, you should give it a try! Plus, you can always check out graphic design tutorials on YouTube and in blogs. Traditionally, we’ve saved the best logo redesign method for dessert! To give a quick refresh to your emblem, you can use AI-based online services, e.g. ZenBusiness. As you can see, there is no lack of methods of tweaking your corporate design. You have to choose the best one based on your budget, time, and individual requirements.

Bottom line

You should learn to view change not as something intimidating but as an opportunity for further growth. Think about whether you really need to rebrand your business, and if the answer is “yes”, don’t be afraid to get rid of old things because you have the creativity and resources to replace them with something better. We wish you many exciting discoveries and triumphant victories!

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