Find Out The Best Ways To Launch Your Coming Soon Page

Designing a “coming soon” page for your business is synonymous to announcing the launch of a new product or service.

These pages play an important role in offering users insight. The launch of these pages should catch people’s eyes and compel them to sign up for more. With the improvements in technology and web design, the idea behind designing a soon to be launched page has simplified to an extent.

The objective should be to have a design for your landing page that not only gives visitors information but also upgrades their level of excitement. It should notify them whenever the product/service is ready to be launched.

A “coming soon” page that does not have the information about the service or date of launch is less likely to grab the attention of visitors.

Listed below are some exciting ways using which you can design an impressive “coming soon” page.

Your Page Should Have the Tendency to Create a Strong Brand Identity

A strong brand is not only memorable but also creates awareness. For a brand to look stand apart, features such as style, color, design and logo play a crucial role. The brand keeps progression between the coming soon page and the website after the launch.

There are cases when people recognize a strong brand even if they are not entirely sure what the product is actually for.

Using colors and style in your logo can be help create a good quality logo.

Having a Prominent CTA Button

CTA or Call To Action button should be extremely simple and ask visitors to share the page on social channels. Simply put, it should get users to complete the action for which the CTA is intended. It needs to be immediately visible and should not annoy users.

Creating a Huge Audience Base Before the Launch

Once the promotion is out and you get lot of visitors to the site, you need to take advantage of the momentum by collecting emails for the future product. This can be done by using MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or AWeber. These tools come with customizable forms that can be integrated on the “coming soon” page to gather subscriptions.

By gathering subscribers, you will definitely have returning visitors to your site. Using a simple form to get visitors is quite impressive. You will be able to grab the audience that is directly interested in your product.

The subscription form placed in the page must have a clear message  that gives visitors an idea of what to expect. It will increase the number of subscribers.

In addition to these, you should incorporate social media icons on the coming soon page that will let visitors follow you on popular networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on. They are useful promotion channels and can be an alternative to the people who do not wish to provide email addresses.

Designing a Responsive Page

In addition to having an appealing landing page, it is also incredibly valuable to make it responsive so that it becomes visible on any device.

How About Designing a Video to the Product or Service

Having an interesting video is another popular way to attract audiences. The increased number of shares offers more opportunities for free advertising by engaging visitors and tempting them to come back.

Making an Interesting Design

The only thing that can make a product or service more memorable is the publicity stunt associated with it.

Animation is used to create a design that showcases power, usability and eye-grabbing features. When the product is launched, these type of animations can be overwhelming and be used on the “coming soon” pages to attract visitors.

The Power of Content

Enticing and valuable content attracts readers and gets them to the email list. With a targeted email list of potential customers, businesses can send users copies of great content until the launch.

The process of sending mail periodically allows businesses to keep their visitors informed about all the ways the product might help them. This way, they will also build trust and relationships within their subscribers.

Design the Page With a Purpose in Mind

The goals of your “coming soon” page must be clear. Generally, you should keep three important points in mind when designing the page:

  • Make it clear what is the website about
  • Encourage visitors to return when the website gets launched
  • Create excitement and curiosity

SEO is Also Important

Not optimizing your page for search is one of the common mistakes marketers make when launching a business page. Attaining success on top searches is something that takes time. A proper SEO campaign should be conducted along with the launch of coming soon page.  You should also prepare a good meta description along with page title and keywords. This will definitely have a positive effect and also improve your search by creating matching profiles for your site.

Keep the Text Short and Simple

The text written on your soon to be launched page should be concise, clear and intuitive. By doing so, you will help readers better understand the content. It will further increase clickability and brand awareness.

Ending Notes:

Keeping the above points in mind, you will be able to create a simple and informative landing page. The goal of a coming soon page should be to attract readers and make the promotion a success.


This post is written by Nola Arney who is an expert web app developer at HTMLPanda. Being an inspired web developer, she also loves to share recent knowledge on the web development through her informational blogs.

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