Finding Manufacturers

If you’re ready to go to market with your invention, you’ll need a company to manufacture it for you. Here’s how you can go about identifying potential manufacturers.

Dear Janet,

I have come up with a device for locating abducted, lost or missing children, teens & adults. I have a patent pending for this device and would like to know where to find a manufacturer. Can you direct me? 



Dear Diane, 

Here are a few suggestions for finding a manufacturer. If there are somewhat similar products on the market, see who manufactures those and determine if those manufacturers would be interested in licensing your product. 

Check with doctors and nursing homes that care for elderly patients to see if they know of manufacturers that could be interested.


Contact a Small Business Development Center and make an appointment to see them. SBDCs are jointly funded by state and federal governments and are found on many college campuses. They offer free help to small businesses, and have an extensive network they can plug into for finding resources for business. 

Look for local manufacturers’ associations. Attend a meeting or two to find out what type of manufacturers are likely to belong, and consider joining if it seems like a group that addresses your needs.

Be ready with research to show manufacturers what the market is for your device and what kind of sales you expect. A manufacturer is going to want to know how they will be able to profit from producing the item for you.

Good luck!

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