Learning to Get the Best Deal

Dear Janet,

I feel like I always come out with the short end of the stick in business deals. Do you know of any books or articles I could read that would help?

–Timid in FL

Dear Timid,

You’re not alone. Many people are uncomfortable negotiating deals. Fortunately, the ability to negotiate isn’t a trait you have to be born with. Negotiation skills can be learned.

There are a variety of books  that can help. One good book on the subject is Secrets of Power Negotiating, by Roger Dawson. Another worth looking at is  Negotiating for Dummies, by Michael Donaldson.

There are a variety of books and audio tapes that can help. A good one to start with is Negotiating for Dummies, by Michael C.and Mimi Donaldson (IDG Books). It is a basic guide that will teach you six essential steps to successful negotiating. It also offers a variety of tips and hints for common situations, as well as recommendations for additional reading if you still want to learn more when you finish the book.



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