GUIDE: How To Make Your New Facebook Brand Page STAND OUT

Here are 6 ways to make your new Facebook brand page stand out:

1. Upload an Eye-Catching Cover Photo
: The new Cover Photo captures the culture and essence of a brand and can showcase their products – it’s the first thing people will see when they visit a brand’s page. Lexus’ cover photo, which features their new futuristic 2+2 coupe LF-LC concept vehicle, has generated a ton of buzz and helped lead to a 200% increase in unique page views on launch day. Brands can change it as often as they like and use it to engage fans through creative, stimulating images their audience will respond to.

2. Use a Clearly Branded Profile Picture
: This is the best spot to use a picture that visibly identifies their business. Since the profile picture represents a brand’s Page on other parts of Facebook as a thumbnail (such as in ads or news feed), a high quality image (such as a logo) that people associate with their brand should be used.


3. Add Milestones to the Page Timeline: Businesses can now take advantage of larger photo, video and link stories to visually engage fans. To ensure fans see the best posts, posts can be featured on their timeline so fans can engage with a post past the time it’s in the news feed. Milestones can also be used to define key moments in their company’s history, allowing fans to interact with a business beyond the present. Red Bull created “Timeline Timewarp,” a scavenger hunt contest that led fans through their brand history, resulting in increased interaction with the new milestones they’d included in their timeline.

4. Pin a Post a Week: Businesses can anchor the most important story to the top of their page for up to seven days so that fans don’t miss the best content.

5. Arrange Views and Apps: A brand’s photos and custom apps will appear at the top of their Page and can be reordered at any time. Brands can also create custom thumbnails to highlight what matters most to them – whether it’s events or custom-built apps for specific products or promotions. Sprinkles Cupcakes is a great example of a business who displays their custom photos and apps at the top of their Page.

6. Manage Your Page: Administrators can now easily manage their Page through the Admin Panel, which gives them a high-level dashboard where they can edit content, track new activity and respond, and view Page Insights.

Aaron is a property obsessed entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia, who has a passion for property development and co-work spaces. He has been running Ace Capital (a mortgage lending firm) from Co work spaces for the past 2 years, and believes all self-employed professionals should do the same.

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