Leaflet and flyer design: Useful and inspirational ideas

Peter likes Marie. He decides to earn money over the summer to win her heart. He approaches a well-known company and says, “Hire me to hand out your flyers.” Peter stands on the street, full of enthusiasm. A day passes, and then another day, but there is no result: Either people don’t take the flyers, or they throw them in the trash. And Peter is not to blame here; he is a wonderful worker. It’s the boring, no-good flyers in his hands—they’re not interesting to the audience. They can’t sell anything, so they are useless! Time is ticking and the company is losing all its potential buyers. Plus, Peter is losing Marie.

If you plan to create original flyers for your company, let’s review how to make them profitable and, thereby, avoid heartbreak.


  1. Attractive colors draw attention
  2. Repetitive patterns make one’s eye wander all over the page
  3. Interesting pictures promote curiosity
  4. Pictures show people how to enjoy your product
  5. Creative fonts strengthen branding
  6. Make a flyer that is appropriate for your audience
  7. Call-to-action flyers capture an audience
  8. Conclusion

Attractive colors draw attention

Rather than forcing your favorite color on a designer, you need to learn two things. First, you need to evoke a certain emotion in your target audience so that they will wish to buy your product. Second, color can evoke that very emotion. If you choose the right color, your flyers will attract your clients just like a red rag attracts a bull.

Repetitive patterns make one’s eye wander all over the page

Once the potential client has your flier in their hands, you want to ensure that they won’t throw it into the nearest trash bin. That means you need to captivate the reader using designers’ tricks. One of them is a repetitive pattern. Geometric shapes, lines, or any other markers can help organize information for the reader. Patterns can also indicate which aspects of your content are important.

Interesting pictures promote curiosity

What is the first thing a person does when they see a piece of paper with lots of useful and interesting information? That’s right, they start checking out the pictures. Pictures are always more interesting and catchy than a text block. Use this to your advantage by including exciting pictures on your flyers.

Pictures show people how to enjoy your product

Not only must your flyer be beautiful and have aesthetically pleasing pictures, but you must also use each element practically. Provide ideas for how the reader can enjoy your product, service, or event. Strive to make the reader jealous of your customers and, therefore, seek to work with you.

Creative fonts strengthen branding

If you have good pictures, it’s more likely that a person will be willing to read the information on your fliers. That statement sounds correct, but it’s not quite. Initially, the reader will check on how visually attractive your text is. If it looks dull and unreadable, there is a high risk that the text on your flyer will remain unread. Of course, a flashy title and concise content is an integral part of high-quality advertising. Still, make sure the visuals attract attention.

Make a flyer that is appropriate for your audience

All the details in your flyer are players on one team that has one goal: to gain your target audience’s attention and trust. Decide to whom you will hand out your leaflet. From that, you will know what its style should be: playful, simple, serious, etc.

Call-to-action flyers capture an audience

They took your flyer – great! They looked at it; that’s even better. They read it? Oh, my! Well, that’s a success. Were these the goals you set when you started designing your flyer? Of course not. Your main target is to sell. So, let your flyer sell; give it a call to action. Explain to the reader why they need to work with you and engage the reader in this cooperation. Such calls do not serve as an ellipsis. Instead, they serve as an exclamation point for a customer, clearly explaining what to do with all this information on your flyers.

Have you created an original flyer? Read our article on how to prepare a flyer layout for printing by clicking here.


Of course, Peter’s sad eyes may convince some passersby to take a leaflet from him. However, it would be better if your creative design and high-quality, original content did the job instead. Do not give people boring fliers. Please your audience with creative branded products that turn passersby into regular customers. With the vast number of designers, design studios, and online services and editors, anyone can create a flyer, regardless of their budget. We hope that this article will help you create a high-quality, beautiful flyer and not bear the sin of someone’s broken heart.

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