About the Book


Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat:
A tranquilizer for presenters

By Phil Slott
Published by Ad-land Press
Reprinted here with permission

Phil Slott started his career as a junior copywriter, and was so nervous when he had to speak in front of more than two people that he would pray on the floor of his studio apartment before meetings. Years later, as chairman of International Ad agency BBDO, Slott was adept at holding an audience of hundreds in the palm of his hand, and is described as one of the masters of presentation.

Finally, a concise, detailed and hilarious book about how to overcome the anxieties that keep us from being effective when presenting our ideas to others. In Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat, Slott offers practical information on notes, outlines and props, and gives concrete advice on deflecting hecklers, interacting with the audience and using humor to engage your listeners.

The brilliant ideas are your problem.

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