The Best Work-At-Home Jobs For Writers

The potential for a successful writing career at home is really endless.

Start Your Writing Business

Writing is rewarding, creative and mostly doable from anywhere in the world. Becoming a freelance writer can have plenty of benefits. Parent’s can stay at home and mind their children while working. Or people can travel and write from wherever is considered home at the time.

What people don’t realize is that there are so many ways to develop a career as a freelance writer. And, if you love writing and want to pursue it full time, chances are you keep a blog or a journal.

So, the process has already begun. All that’s required is a little bit of persistence and passion. If you’re not sure what writing jobs would suit you best, or what jobs for writers can be done at home. We’ve broken it down below:

1. Copywriter

A copywriter writes for advertising, commercials, websites, social media and really any other form of advertising. Have some experience writing in an agency or company can help secure more jobs for this role. But, if you’re willing to create your own portfolio and read books about copywriting to learn the art there are plenty of sites like Upwork and Copify that you apply for jobs on.

2. Blog Writer

If you enjoy writing a blog and want to write from home but feel you don’t have the experience, blog writing could be the perfect place to start. Blog writing is often more informal than other writing and if you have a passion for a specific topic there’s a chance there are blogs looking for submissions on the subject. Do your research and submit a couple of blog posts, before you know it you could be a full-time blog writer.

3. Essay Writing Services

Nowadays many students use essay writing services in order to get a feel for how college essays should be written. Writing for an essay service is an excellent way to gain knowledge on topics. The work is varied and if your based in America or want to provide assignment help in Canada the market for these services in both countries is continuously on the rise.

4. Resume Writer

If crafting an excellent resume that highlights people’s skills in a clear and succinct manner sounds fun to you, then a resume writer might be an option to consider. Many companies hire freelance resume writers to format and write exceptional resumes for people who need them. While not the most exciting jobs for creative writers this can appeal to people with an eye for detail.

5. Travel Writer

Being a travel writer offers the opportunity to travel to different countries and review holiday destinations and experiences. Sounds like a dream, right? But how do you get there? Well, the key is to start submitting any work you can to travel blogs to build a reputation. When you start putting yourself out there it opens up more opportunities to meet other people working in the industry. Pitch ideas to travel magazines, attend events and with hard work, this could be one of the best work from home writing jobs there is.


The potential for a successful writing career at home is really endless. We’ve just touched on some of the writing jobs available. But with careful planning, research and a willingness to build up a strong portfolio can all play a big part in you snagging your dream writing job.

Make sure you keep all your pieces and create an online portfolio that can be easily linked to any job application. You want to show freelancing sites what you can bring to the table.

By: Sandra Larson
Sandra is a freelance copywriter. She has worked on a variety of digital and print advertising campaigns. She loves all things content-related and is clever ad copy obsessed.

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