The Card Payment Machine Of The Future: 5 Features You Would Not Expect

Plastic money has been accepted worldwide because of the convenience it offers to customers, such as not having to worry about keeping cash on hand. However, the rise in cybercrime has made card payments risky. This is why the incorporation of a safer card payment infrastructure is essential. Card machines have experienced their share of revolutions to create a conducive environment for a cashless economy. Therefore, the surge in fraud related to card transactions needs to be curbed by providing a seamless cashless transactions environment, just like myPOS does. Another development in card payments is the applications with dashboards that provide customers with detailed transaction information.

What is an application with a dashboard on transactions?

An application dashboard is a tool for tracking card transactions made by a cardholder. The dashboards that are built-in in these applications are flexible, too, because the level of information which a cardholder provides is customisable. Along with this, organising and monitoring your transaction history is much more effective with dashboards that are built-in the applications. These dashboards are mobile-responsive and this gives a cardholder enough accessibility to track their card statements and purchases at all times.

However, there are more innovations in the card payment gateway with robust features embedded in the card payment machine. These devices are built with a faster infrastructure that offers more convenience and safety, which has really been the need of the hour.

5 extraordinary features in the card payment machine

Near Field Communication 

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a relatively new phenomenon in the card payment industry. Google and Apple Pay have been around for quite some time now and they’ve proven to be reliable means of payment due to the use of NFC to communicate between the cardholder’s card and the payment device. Moreover, the technology of radio waves or RFID facilitates transactions through a single tap on the credit card terminals or POS systems. These transactions come with enhanced security measures, improved operational efficiency and faster payment transactions.

Self-service portal 

An advanced card settlement machine has an integrated self-service portal that helps with accounting for all the transactions that have been initiated. Thus, the ability to track and trace the history of payments made reduces a machine vendor’s reliance on third parties for downloading transaction statements. As a result, businesses are able to focus on other business goals while their payment machine is all-inclusive.

Biometric payments 

Biometric card payments have a different charm altogether where they neither compromise the customer’s convenience nor their transaction security. This biometric technology also eliminates the need for PIN authentication for executing a transaction. Any fraudulent activities will be curbed because the fingerprint on the scanner is matched with the data stored and only then is the payment authorised.

Android-enabled card machines 

There are also card machines with barcode scanners that come with the newest operating system for speedy payment processing. The advantages for a business include the enduring battery, more reliable services and the dynamic nature of the machines. A machine vendor will be equipped with flexible machines supporting contactless, magstripe and Chip&PIN payments.

All-in-one payment terminal

The myPOS Integra is a device with multiple payments and connectivity options for smoother transactions. They are ideal for integrations scenarios as well as vending, ticketing and parking hotspots where unattended devices are the norm. These devices come packed with the latest industry certifications that offer greater convenience to customers. Their niche quality infrastructure ensures superb transactions and they’re accompanied by a water-resistant chassis.

Ricky Law is a freelance writer based in the U.K.

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