The SMS Marketing Guide for 2020

Channels like email and social media are critical for any digital marketing campaign, but SMS offers an immediate response time and increased visibility. SMS marketing leads to incredible results including 21% more orders compared to similar email campaigns.

This article will cover everything you need to know in order to get started in SMS marketing. Keep in mind that SMS is at its best when combined with a variety of additional channels—omnichannel marketing is far more effective than any individual channel can be on its own.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

If you’re already satisfied with your digital marketing results, you may be reluctant to implement a new channel. That said, SMS offers a variety of crucial benefits, making it an effective channel for businesses of all sizes.

The most important difference between SMS and other channels is the ability to immediately reach subscribers. While the average marketing email is only opened by roughly 20-25% of subscribers, recipients open an incredible 98% of texts. Furthermore, the vast majority of those messages are opened in three minutes or less.

SMS is particularly powerful when targeting younger demographics who are accustomed to communicating with both businesses and personal contacts through text. Overall, text messages receive over seven times more responses than emails.

Finding an SMS Marketing Tool

You could technically run text campaigns through your personal phone, but software for SMS marketing streamlines this process and allows for large-scale campaigns. An SMS marketing subscription is an excellent investment for any business, and many applications also support email, social media, and other digital channels.

These tools open up a wide range of opportunities for marketing automation and segmentation. Additionally, they provide thorough analytics to help you identify your best strategies and find new ways to improve.

Writing Engaging SMS Copy

SMS is best for short, concise messages, so it’s critical to limit your copy to the most important information. Every notification should get your audience’s attention in the first several words—most readers won’t spend more than a few seconds reading your message before moving on to the next one.

As in other areas of digital marketing, it’s crucial to demonstrate a clear value that draws readers in and makes them want to learn more. If the message contains a discount, for example, that should be made clear at the very beginning. Remember that the message preview will only display a few words.

Segmenting and Personalizing SMS Campaigns

Sending irrelevant or generic content will only lead customers to disengage or even unsubscribe completely. Segmentation allows you to fine-tune campaigns and send the right messages to the right users at the right times. Thorough personalization is vital for sustainable success in SMS campaigns.

Different types of messaging are better for subscribers at different stages of the customer journey. Each new message should lead them to future interactions and eventually their first sale. These are just a few ideas to help you get started with SMS automation:

  • Welcome messages: Welcome notifications introduce new users to your brand and give them an idea of what to expect as a subscriber. They also give you an opportunity to provide any welcome offers such as discounts, gifts, or free shipping. You could include a link to your site in case subscribers want more information.
  • Birthday rewards: Birthday rewards give customers a bonus for their loyalty and help you bring back disengaged users who haven’t made any recent purchases. They also create a sense of urgency by giving subscribers a limited time to take advantage of the offer.
  • Cart abandonment: Cart abandonment is one of the most important workflows in digital marketing, since most carts are abandoned before the sale. A cart abandonment reminder typically includes a link to your web store. You can also add an exclusive offer in order to generate more sales through cart abandonment campaigns. Consider following up with an email if they don’t respond to your first message.

SMS marketing is more important than ever, and the top marketers are engaging with their subscribers on a wide range of channels. These tips will help you generate more sales and improve your customer experience through SMS campaigns.

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