What Marketing Trends To Expect In 2022

Digital marketing emerges as the most reliable choice for businesses during the pandemic. With the increase in the usage of video, Google ads, local SEO, artificial intelligence during the pandemic, marketers are now implementing these practices into their digital marketing strategies to retain competitive advantages. These practices emerge as the marketing trends and will continue for the upcoming year too.

This year, many businesses were forced to close their workplace and stop physical operations to stop the spreading of the coronavirus. In such a scenario, online marketing services emerges as the only go-to alternative that helped businesses to stay connected with their customers.

People are now increasingly turning towards online channels to fulfill their everyday needs. COVID era has completely transformed the way businesses used to function and now everything is optimized as per the new normal. 88% of the customers and many businesses are shifted towards digital marketing to retain their current customers, employing strategies to generate more revenue, which results in an overall increase in sales.

Following are a few trends that marketers would foresee in the upcoming years as online marketing trends in 2022. Let’s have a look at them!

What are the new trends in digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence- It’s changing the future of Digital Marketing

Previously, marketers were hesitant to make use of AI in their marketing strategies. Now, it’s being implemented across various businesses and their process. It becomes possible due to the ability of AI to collect data from different sources, analyzing the data, and then applying it to detect customer’s behaviour patterns. It is therefore reducing the manual work.

With new advancements in its features, Artificial Intelligence is now easily available for businesses, emerging as a more valuable tool for marketers. Many successful brands such as Amazon and Spotify have witnessed success after introducing AI in their marketing strategies. Its ability to sense customer’s preferences is no less than a game-changer. AI’s predictions to customers with relevant recommendations depending on their previous searches act as a catalyst to influence their choices.

Becoming a new trend in digital marketing, AI is helping brands to grow and meet customer’s expectations in a more defined way.

Google verified listing for local SEO

Local SEO – A reliable, optimized, and transformative business solution

Local SEO is helping businesses to directly connect with the potential buyers aiming for local searches. The purpose of this technique is to bring your targeted customers from the location of your business. If everything is executed properly, a good Local SEO plan can help businesses rank on top in any search engine of your preference, be it is Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

For local businesses such as plumbers, tailors, etc., the best way to have a reliable digital presence comes from Local SEO, by creating a verified Google My Business (GBM) profile. It helps in streamlining a business’ online presence while ensuring that business potentials are fully maximized to yield transformative results transcending your growth.

Emerging as one of the best digital marketing trend of 2022, Local SEO is a technique that results in enhanced engagement and effective promotion of virtual business to the local marketplace.

What is the new social trend in marketing?

Video Advertising – A more engaging way to showcase your products/services

If one says, video advertising is the need of the hour, it can’t be denied at all. During the pandemic, most people were seen spending hours either watching videos on social media channels or making videos for social media channels, leading to an increase in the demand for video advertising. A new social trend in digital marketing in 2022!

Observing this, most of the popular social media apps such as Instagram and LinkedIn have updated their features giving more importance to video browsing. Instagram reels and LinkedIn stories are among a few such examples. It is observed that this step has increased user engagement up to the next level.

Nowadays, it becomes a common practice for businesses to use interactive content to engage with customers which are encouraging marketers to make use of effective content marketing strategies on social media platforms for showcasing their products/services.

Apart from being engaging and informative, videos are more capable of conveying information to the larger audiences in a short snap of time as compared to any other ad format. Therefore, video advertising wins to be in the marketing trend for 2022.

Voice Search – Helps in bringing the Results you want

With the rapid advancement of virtual assistance technologies such as Alexa or Google Home, voice search has reached the next level. Offering ample opportunities to businesses, Voice Search Optimization has become today’s necessity. Marketers are now incorporating voice search strategies into their website to understand their potential customers and their behavior.

A few of its optimizing features, such as making use of natural-sounding language, more focus on long-tale keywords, putting queries into question phrases, all play a significant role to ensure that customers are comfortable with the voice searches.

It’s observed that more people are turned towards voice search, especially due to COVID people are now more interested in hands-free technology that limits contamination. Therefore, while selecting the content or keywords, it’s advised to go with those keywords which users would like to call at Google, Alexa, or Siri.

What is the biggest trend in online marketing?

It’s none other than Google Ads- Smart and Automated Bidding Strategies

Automated bidding strategies, as the name suggests, allow Google to expand its data coverage reach and analyze data frequently, and then accordingly adjust bids in the real-time scenario. This strategy is playing a significant role in maximizing the output based on the goal of the campaign. It helps in determining the strategy which suits best as per the business model. Also, it is made available for both types of ads, be its search or display, depending upon the bidding.

Now, coming to the smart bidding strategies, it is completed associated with automated bidding, although it focuses more on conversion-based strategies such as enhanced PPC, maximizing clicks and conversions, and similar events. Giving importance to optimizing conversion rate, Google ads have emerges as the biggest trend in online marketing services.

Now, Summing It Up

So, these are those digital marketing trends that can’t be ignored in 2022. As it’s been said, change is the real constant. Being a business professional you need to adopt changes to embrace new technologies, trends, and tools to leave your competitors behind.

Michelle Brooks is the independent writer and blog editor. She specializes in e-learning, general education, career and self-development.

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