Vacation Days

Paid leave is among the most prevalent benefits the American employer has to offer. SHRM conducted a survey during the week of August 5-12, 2003, regarding the average number of days offered to employees either as vacation time, or under a Paid Time Off plan—a benefit where sick leave, vacation leave and personal days are combined in one plan.

Human resource (HR) professionals were asked, “On average, how many paid vacation days/Paid Time Off days does your organization offer to employees who have been with the organization…”

  Paid Vacation Paid Time Off

Less than one year

6.28 13.24

One to less than two years

10.53 16.58

Two to less than three years

11.01 17.40

Three to less than five years

12.02 18.55

Five to less than 10 years

15.18 22.04

Ten or more years

18.65 25.30

The survey was based on the responses of 341 randomly selected HR professionals. The margin of error is +/- 5.29 percent.

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