Why You Need To Wear A Face Mask While Cleaning

When engaging in cleaning activities, it’s imperative that you wear the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to provide coverage from potential hazards inherent to cleaning. Face masks are one of the important PPE components that should be worn when carrying out a cleaning task. Here are some reasons why it is so important to wear a face mask when cleaning.

Prevents Inhalation of Harmful Chemicals

There are many cleaning solutions that may cause temporary or permanent damage to our organism when exposed regularly. This is one of the primary reasons why wearing a mask is a must when cleaning with hazardous compounds. According to the experts from www.dmbsupply.com, when dealing with toxic fumes and other chemicals Respirator Masks with the right cartridge should be worn because they have carbon filters that absorb harmful toxic fumes. Luckily, masks are not that hard to find, so just search the websites selling PPE and choose the mask for your particular needs.

Protects from Splashback

Gloves protect your hand and part of your arms from getting chemical burns or irritation. But if you suddenly spill some of them or when they splash back onto your face, you’ll need something durable and non-porous to prevent painful burns on your face.

It is, sometimes, advisable to use a face shield or goggles along with your face masks. Splashbacks may fall on areas that are not covered by your standard gas masks like the eyes, forehead, and most of the upper part of the head. This is if you don’t have the type of mask where it already covers the eyes and all areas of the face.

Protects Cleaners from Airborne Viruses

People working in a cleaning service are exposed to viruses and other pathogens in the areas they’re servicing. These invisible perpetrators may cause you serious health problems and could even infect your co-workers and family. It’s important that you wear the proper PPE when working on sites that may potentially harbor illnesses.

Protects Allergens and other Particulates

Some particulates are not necessarily harmful but in high amounts could cause you respiratory distress. When you’re cleaning you can expect a high concentration of dust, pollen, and other debris in that area. So the next time you clean your basement, attic, or storage room, protect yourself by making sure you have the right face mask on.

In conditions where cleaning is a job or part of it, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 for general safety and health considerations mandates that workers must wear the proper PPE when engaged in their tasks. This includes other items like gloves, shoes, goggles, and masks.

Provides Caution for Other Individuals

Signs may not be visible by everyone but when people see you wearing protective gear, it sends a signal that you’re dealing with things that are dangerous to an exposed individual. They will tend to steer away from the area or wear PPE themselves.

Cleaning and wearing face masks have become an important part of our lives in the past few months, especially if you own or plan on starting a cleaning business. But cleaning frequently exposes us to harmful chemicals and environmental allergens and particulates that we might not, but help, breathe in. The importance of wearing the right face mask goes beyond what we do in our workplace, but it can also affect those who are close to us at home and at work.

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