How to Create a Grocery Store Logo?

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General information

Grocery stores often use the logo associated directly with the name or product image. For example, shops specializing in the sale of fish most often in their logo draw fish, crabs, and crayfish. Exactly the same approach in confectionery: bun, cake or croissant are a must-have element of corporate identity.

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How to choose the right elements?

Farms can focus on naturalness when creating brand marks. The basic icons which designate ecologically pure products are standard. These are “non-GMO “, “organic products “, “bio “, “eco “. Designers can experiment with these signs so that they blend harmoniously with the image of the product.
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How to choose the right fonts?

If you are creating a logo for a grocery store or a supplier of products, you do not have to put a fruit or snack bar in the icon. It is possible to depict the symbolic icon in the logo. For example, a bird Auchan (from the French grocer). And you can simply stylize the name with the help of fonts: Kroger, IGA, ACME and others. Although grocery networks of supermarkets Sweetbay, Ward, Natural Grocers use different product sets for the corporate style.

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