How To Make A Creative Logo?

Discover how to design a unique and creative logo that captures your brand's essence and sets you apart from the competition, ensuring a lasting impression.

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General information

Creative and abstract logo style are widely used by both businesses and non-profit organizations, small firms and big corporations. An original emblem has the power to provide useful information about your brand, get an emotional response from a viewer, and evoke the right associations.

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Major tips

Logos with handwritten fonts are good at creating an emotional bond and building trust with the audience. They create the feeling of a brand communicating with you in a direct and sincere way. Dynamic logos are associated with all things new and fresh. On top of that, they never fail to catch the eye of a viewer. Filled with visual riddles, emblems using negative space are still trendy. Designers keep finding new exciting ways of exploring blank space. Letter stacking is another wildly popular design trend whose potential is only starting to unravel.

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What companies use?

Following a major rebranding, the Walmart logo got a new meaning to it. The familiar star was replaced with a six-pointed spark that symbolizes the inspiration that pushed Sam Walton to establish the now-iconic supermarket chain. Each of the colorful squares in the Windows logo stands for one fundamental product developed by the software giant. On the Hewlett Packard logo, the “tails” of letters H and P go beyond the logo frame. This is a smart way to convey the technological breakthrough and out-of-the-box thinking. Moreover, each of the capital letters looks like the inverted slash symbol which is widely used in programming. The Tesco emblem sports a unique typography which was designed especially for the brand, while the smart color palette translates the ideas of growth and prosperity.

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How to choose the right elements?

Creativity can take a lot of forms. While some designs only consist of a few lines, other emblems feature sophisticated geometry and elaborate patterns. If you want your logo to send the right message, you absolutely need to know the meanings behind different geometric shapes. Nowadays, top-tier companies gravitate towards simplicity, fashion and elegance. This makes flat, one-colored logos very popular among modern brands. Such designs transcend the idea of strength, self-confidence, and perseverance.

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