How to Create a Violin Logo

Discover how to create a stunning violin logo that embodies the elegance and timeless beauty of this classical instrument.

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Charleston Violin Logo

General information

Violin is a popular bowed string musical instrument. Violin is played both in the orchestra and solo. Its distinctive sound inspires many composers. Violin is used across many musical genres. The unique form of this musical instrument is associated with perfection, grace, beauty, and harmony. Violin music is described as magical, exciting, and delicate. Think about these qualities when creating a violin logo for your business. Violon logos used mostly used for branding music schools, orchestras, and stores.

Academy of Violin Logo
Brobst Violins Logo
Ginna Watson Violin Logo
Scherer Violin Shop Logo

What brands use a violin logo?

The logo for JP Guivier combines the business name and violin. Two more successful examples of violin-themed combination marks are the logo for Scherer Violin Shop and Robert Cauer Violins workshop. In the emblem for The Violin Shop in Lincoln, you can see the musical instrument enhanced by a visually appealing custom font. The image of a violin became the background for The WKU Violin Fest emblem. Curiously enough, violin is also used by companies not related to the music industry. A great example is the VIOLIN digital platform based in Rio de Janeiro.

JP Guivier Logo
Robert Cauer Violins Logo
The Violin Shop in Lincoln Logo
Suzuki Violin Logo

What images to choose?

Most designs feature the recognizable silhouette of a violin. On top of that, you can use the distinctive neck of a violin or a bow. The symmetry and visual perfection of the instrument inspire graphic designers to create true masterpieces. If you’re a fan of abstractions, try recreating the shape of the instrument in a few rough sketches. You’ll end up with a clean, airy emblem that will turn heads!

Harmonious Violin Logo
Hope Violin Studio Logo
Music Store Violin Logo
Violin Guitar Logo

What colors to choose?

The majority of violin logos have a black-and-white gamut. While some designs have a concise, sketchy image of the instrument, others feature detailed drawing things with a high level of detail. We recommend sticking with minimalism. Violin is an already powerful visual symbol that doesn’t need to be enhanced through sophisticated graphics or vibrant colors. At the same time, no one can stop you from experimenting with unusual color solutions as long as they match your brand philosophy!

Violin Concert Logo
Violin Joy Logo
WKU Violin Fest Logo
Violin Heart ZenBusiness logo

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,728 reviews

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