Filing Your Initial Registration Report in Missouri

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Missouri is one of several states that require corporations to file an initial corporate registration report shortly after they incorporate. Although a Missouri corporation initial registration report is relatively simple, it’s critical that you submit it on time. 

After submitting an initial registration report within 30 days of incorporation, corporations in Missouri must file subsequent registration reports either annually or biennially. This handy guide will discuss the ins and outs of filing a Missouri initial registration report for your corporation, including the required information and helpful tips for new business owners. 

What is an initial registration report?

Registration reports — also called annual reports or corporate registration reports in Missouri — are informational documents that business entities need to submit to the state government. As you might have guessed from the name, an initial registration report is the first registration report your company will have to file with the State of Missouri. 

Missouri law requires corporations to submit a registration report after incorporating. If you don’t submit the registration report within the required time, you’ll have to pay a late fee for every 30-day period that your report is late. Even worse, failing to file a Missouri corporation initial registration report can result in the dissolution of your corporation’s charter.

However, if your business entity is a limited liability company (LLC), then congratulations! You don’t need to file any registration reports in Missouri.

Missouri Initial Registration Report Requirements

Now that you have a sense of what an initial registration report is, let’s discuss some of the key requirements.


Under Missouri law, corporations don’t have to file their initial registration reports simultaneously with other initial documents like the Articles of Incorporation. Instead, corporations have 30 days after incorporating to file their initial registration reports. Subsequent annual reports are due each year at the end of the month that the corporation originally incorporated in. 

If you want more information on filing Missouri annual reports, check out our annual report filing service. This is just one of the ways that we can make running a small business easier on you. 

Where to Send Your Initial Report

Missouri initial registration reports and annual reports get submitted to the Corporations Unit of the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.

Filing Methods and Fees

You can file your corporation’s initial registration report in several ways. The easiest way is to file online using the Missouri Secretary of State’s website. You can pay with most major credit cards and electronic checks. 

Alternatively, you may file the registration report by mail. If you’re submitting the form by mail, you may pay with a check or money order, but not with cash. 

To obtain the registration report form, you can either contact the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office or use the Office’s online business portal to find the form.

What information is required for the initial registration report?

Per Missouri law, the registration report includes the following information:

  • The corporation’s name
  • The name and address of the corporation’s registered agent
  • The names and business or residential addresses of the corporation’s officers and directors
  • The mailing address of the corporation’s headquarters or principal place of business

As you can see, you don’t need much information in the initial registration report. The important thing is that you submit it on time.


If you submit your report online, you will first have to create an account on the state’s online business portal. Once that’s done, you can log in and file the report. After you’ve finished, you will receive a notice that the registration report has been accepted.  

Annual Reports

In Missouri, the initial registration report is the first registration report that your corporation has to submit. After that, your corporation will have to submit one annual report every year before the end of the month that your company originally incorporated. For instance, if your company incorporated on July 10, you’ll have to submit your annual report every year by the end of July. 

The annual report requires the same information as the initial registration report and typically only takes a few minutes to file. Still, it can be a hassle having to remember to submit the form every year. That’s why we offer a simple, convenient annual report filing service.

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Missouri Initial Registration Report FAQs

  • Yes. The initial registration report is merely the first annual report that your corporation will file with the State of Missouri.

  • No. Anyone who has the authority to submit paperwork on behalf of the corporation, such as an officer or director, may file an initial registration report. You may also use an agent to file the report.

  • Filing fees are subject to change. You can find out what the latest fees are by visiting 

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