How to Amend a Montana Articles of Incorporation

Optimize the foundation of your Montana business by understanding the imperative reasons to amend your Articles of Incorporation—unlock key insights and guidance in the comprehensive guide below to propel your company forward.

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Because of changes in circumstance or key information, Montana corporations sometimes find they need to file Montana articles of corporation amendment. A company might do this when certain public information about its business changes, and in some situations, they must do so. Here’s a quick guide on how to file an amendment to a corporation in Montana and keep your business up to date.

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What are Montana Articles of Incorporation?

Montana Articles of Incorporation are the document that forms and registers your company to do business in the State of Montana. We can help you get on the road to success with your registered business in Montana. If you need to incorporate, we can help you get started on your journey to success in Big Sky country.

Step 1: Determine if you need to change your Montana Articles of Incorporation

Up-to-date Articles of Incorporation confirm that your business is a legal business. In Montana, they are required for your registered business to be recognized by the Secretary of State as a legal and compliant corporation. Current and correct Articles of Incorporation are required to receive the benefits of being a corporation as well. Some of those benefits include limited liability for the business owners and/or shareholders. They also include potential tax benefits for the business. If any Articles of Incorporation information needs to be added, deleted, changed, or updated, the business is required to inform the state. 

Why do I need to tell the state about the changes?

Keeping the state informed about changes to your registered business is a regular part of business compliance. It’s also important for the following reasons:

  • Providing public information for contact purposes
  • Updating the company’s registered agent for service of process
  • Maintaining business compliance and for auditing purposes

If you have questions about how to file Montana articles of incorporation amendment, we can help. Our Worry-Free Compliance service includes help with required state business filings, as well as two yearly amendments. This can help you rest assured that you’re providing the state with the information they need to know. We can also help confirm that your business is fully compliant with Montana law.  

Are there penalties if I don’t?

If your corporation’s Articles of Incorporation aren’t current, you won’t be able to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing. A Certificate of Good Standing is a document issued by the State of Montana. It affirms that you are compliant with your business filings and obligations. It means you are a recognized business in the state and can receive the benefits of being a legal Montana corporation. 

When you can’t obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, your registered business can suffer serious setbacks. Some of those setbacks can include:

  • Inability to open a business bank account
  • Failure to obtain or keep business licences
  • Refusal to lease a property to your business

Additionally, you may not be able to expand your business into other states or countries without a Certificate of Good Standing. Keeping your Articles of Incorporation updated and filing an amendment when necessary is one of the most important business compliance tasks you can do.

Step 2: Review the requirements for your Montana amendment 

What changes need to be reported?

In Montana, you must report updates for changes in the company’s:  

  • Name 
  • Address
  • Directors
  • Registered agent
  • Stock plan

You must also report any other changes to the company’s articles.

Step 3: Attach any needed supporting documentation and file your Montana Amendment

Attach supporting documentation for changes where possible. This includes board meeting minutes or shareholder votes. And remember to be as specific as possible!

Are there items that need separate filings to change info?

In Montana, there is no separate form to report different types of information. All business updates are reported on the Montana Articles of Incorporation Amendment.  We can help you manage the reporting and updating process with our Worry-Free Compliance service, which includes two yearly amendments to your Articles of Incorporation. If you’re adding, changing, or updating your registered agent, we can help with that too. Check out our Registered Agent service and see how we can help your Montana business stay fully compliant with service of process requirements.

We can help your Montana business succeed!

Keeping your registered business’s Articles of Incorporation fully updated is vital to keeping your business legally compliant. You’ve worked so hard to become a corporation—make sure that you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of what you’ve worked for! We can make navigating Montana business compliance easier with our Worry-Free Compliance service, which includes two yearly incorporation amendments.

Montana Amendment FAQs

  • Any registered Montana business that’s making changes to its public business information should file an amendment to its Articles of Incorporation.

  • Filing fees may vary, so be sure to check the filing fee schedule on the forms provided by the Secretary of State.

  • Anyone who has obtained a signature from an authorized signatory can file the paperwork.

  • Filing can be done online by creating an ePass account through the Secretary of State’s business portal and following the online filing instructions.

  • No, the two documents are different filings and serve different purposes during your registered business’s lifecycle.

    We can make achieving success as a Montana corporation easier with our Worry-Free Compliance service (which includes 2 amendments). Taking business compliance off your mind allows you to focus on the work that keeps your business profitable! We also offers business formation, registered agent, and business amendment services to help create your Montana registered business and keep you fully compliant.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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