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6 Things They Have in Common

  1. Affordable: With either ZenBusiness or MyCorporation, you’ll save a significant amount of money on your LLC formation compared to hiring a business attorney to handle your formation process.
  2. Great Customer Feedback: With hundreds of reviews available online (or thousands, in ZenBusiness’ case), both of these companies receive high average rating scores for customer feedback, which indicates an excellent level of client satisfaction.
  3. Efficiency: With either ZenBusiness or MyCorporation, you’re getting a service provider that’s capable of processing an LLC formation quickly. If you’re in a hurry, both have options available that can speed up your formation.
  4. Additional Services: Both MyCorporation and ZenBusiness have many other services to provide to your business, from registered agent service to annual report service and much more.
  5. Customer Support: These two services both have customer support networks that can answer your tough questions. Why go it alone when you can get help from ZenBusiness or MyCorporation?
  6. Informative: MyCorporation has a Learning Center that’s packed with info about business entity types, business licensing, and more. As for ZenBusiness, we have a blog where we share business tips and tricks. Both are excellent resources whether you’re a customer or not.

Side-by-Side Comparisons


ZenBusiness: Very few companies can compete with ZenBusiness’ outstanding pricing, as we will form your corporation or LLC for free (plus state fee). If you want some additional advanced features, our $199 Pro package adds ongoing compliance assistance, an operating agreement or corporate bylaws, and faster processing. You also might like our $299 plan because it adds our fastest processing, a domain name, and a business website package.

MyCorporation: While MyCorporation has reasonable prices at first glance, the fact that they add a $34 shipping charge on top of all their advertised rates makes them far less impressive. Their Basic package costs a total of $133 and includes no additional features, but their $158 Standard package is a better deal because it includes a year of annual report service. MyCorporation includes registered agent service with its top-tier Deluxe ($258) and Premium ($358) plans.


ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness is a recent addition to the industry, as we were founded in 2015, but we’ve already formed 500,000+ businesses since then.

MyCorporation: MyCorporation has helped more than 1 million companies with business services since it opened in 1998, making them one of the most experienced LLC services available.

Customer Support

ZenBusiness: With ZenBusiness, you can access our customer service team via phone, email, or web chat. No matter which of these options you choose, we always respond quickly, and our representatives are friendly and informative. We have expanded availability that even includes Sundays — very few competitors have any weekend availability. We pride ourselves in continuously improving the quality and responsiveness of our customer support, and we believe we compare favorably to the vast majority of competitors in this area.

MyCorporation: MyCorporation has customer support that is available by phone or by email. Their response times are very fast, as we’ve never spent much time on hold or waiting for an email reply. In addition, their employees are helpful and knowledgeable about the products and services available from MyCorporation.

Turnaround Times

ZenBusiness: With ZenBusiness, all formation speeds vary based on state capabilities. Also, if you’re in a hurry, you can choose one of our premium packages to speed things up a bit! When compared to other formation services, we are usually either just as fast or slightly faster. To find out your turnaround time, simply plug in your state and immediately see your estimated processing speed.

MyCorporation: Their turnaround times are unclear at best. Whereas most companies in this industry list standard and expedited processing speeds for each state, MyCorporation does not. In addition, if you want to expedite your order, they charge an extra $100 in-house rush service fee on top of the state’s expediting fee, and they still don’t give you a turnaround estimate. Instead, they simply say that expediting your order could increase your formation speed “up to 85%.”

Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness excels when it comes to customer feedback, as we have more than 10,000 reviews available online, and nearly all of them are positive. Our clients are clearly satisfied with our services, and they frequently praise our efficiency, along with the general ease of use provided by our platform.

MyCorporation: As for MyCorporation, they have nearly 400 reviews online, and they also maintain strong rating scores. Their customers enjoy MyCorporation’s quick processing times and high-quality customer support.

Ease of Use

ZenBusiness: Forming a new corporation is very easy with ZenBusiness, thanks to our intuitive web design and user-friendly ordering process. The only steps you’ll need to complete are selecting which package you’d like to purchase and providing us with your basic personal and business information ― we’ll take care of the rest.

MyCorporation: The formation process with MyCorporation is straightforward and convenient. Their application is easy to fill out, as it took us only about ten minutes to work our way through the order form.

Additional Services

With either of these companies, you can access many of the same business services, like registered agent service, EIN acquisition, annual reports, and more. However, there are also some services that are only offered by one company or the other.

For example, ZenBusiness provides assistance with publication services in states that require it (like New York), which MyCorporation does not. On the other hand, MyCorporation offers some branding services that ZenBusiness doesn’t provide to our customers, like promotional products, apparel, retail packaging, and logo design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Starter plan includes the preparation and filing of your formation documents for FREE (just pay your state’s fee).

    If you’re looking for a few more advanced features, you might also be interested in our $299 Premium package, as it also includes ongoing compliance assistance, a custom operating agreement, and a business website package, among other features.

  • Yes, ZenBusiness does. We’re one of a handful of business formation companies that offer to handle state-specific compliance requirements like publication. If you want more information, take a look at the New York publication service offer on our website.

    For those of you looking for the best New York LLC publication services, check out our full guide on that topic.

  • As you probably know, there are a lot of online LLC formation services. If you’d like a better idea of how ZenBusiness stacks up to the most popular and top-rated services, check out our comparison reviews:

  • The ZenBusiness refund policy is one of the best in the industry. While many competitors have vague refund policies or even refuse refunds outright, ZenBusiness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    MyCompanyWorks stumbles a bit in this regard, as their refund policy has a series of processing fees depending on when you request your refund. Without getting into an unnecessary level of detail, the cancellation fees start at $25 and work their way up to $75, and once they’ve submitted your paperwork to the state, their refund window is entirely closed.

  • You certainly can! Many entrepreneurs do in fact form their own LLCs without professional assistance. However, because each state has its own rules and regulations, it can actually be considerably more hassle than you might expect. Especially given how affordable LLC formation services can be, we don’t think it’s usually worth the time and effort.

  • ZenBusiness has a significant advantage over most other companies in this industry. That, of course, is our offering of a fully featured business formation service package for free (state fee not included).

    As for MyCorporation, they have a couple of advantages as well, with the biggest one being their experience, as they’ve been around since the 1990s.

  • You can get plenty of quality assistance with ongoing compliance issues from either of these companies. ZenBusiness provides registered agent service for $99 for the first year and $199/year after that, and we also have annual reports available for $100.

    MyCorporation offers these features as well, with registered agent service priced at $120 for the first year and $179 for subsequent years. They also offer annual report service costing $99.

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