How to File Articles of Incorporation in Arizona

Filing your Articles of Incorporation in Arizona is a vital step to establish your business as a formal legal entity, providing it with legal recognition and paving the way for growth and success. Explore our comprehensive guide below to understand the process and its significance in building a thriving business in the state of Arizona.

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Filing the Articles of Incorporation is a vital step in forming a corporation in Arizona. For more details on forming an Arizona corporation, visit our dedicated guide on the topic.

You must submit the Articles of Incorporation to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The applicable Arizona statutes for completing and filing the Articles of Incorporation include:

  • A.R.S. § 10- 201: How to serve as an incorporator
  • A.R.S. § 10-140(37): Both individuals and entities can be incorporators
  • A.R.S. § 10-140(23): Entity refers to domestic and foreign corporations, LLCs (limited liability companies), or additional associations.

Remember that all information in the Articles of Incorporation will be public.

How to Complete the Articles of Incorporation Form

You can file the Arizona Articles of Incorporation form online, by postal mail, or in person at the ACC offices in Phoenix. Online and downloadable forms are accessible on the ACC website.

Both domestic and foreign for-profit organizations need to provide the following information on the Articles of Incorporation paperwork:

  • Type of entity: Check the appropriate box for a regular non-professional or professional for-profit corporation.
  • Exact name: Provide the proper spelling and punctuation of the corporation name including inc., corporation, or other corporate designators. Designators include Association, bank, Co., Company, Corp., Corporation, Inc., Incorporated, Ltd., and Limited. Remember that each corporation’s name must be unique to the state. You can check to see if your preferred name is available on the Arizona Secretary of State website. Alternatively, you can get help with the corporation naming process by using our Business Name Reservation Service. You can reserve a name for 120 days. This is great if you’re not quite ready to incorporate but don’t want to lose the perfect name for your business. Getting a “doing business as” (DBA) name may also be a good choice for your Arizona corporation.
  • Professional corporation services: If you checked professional corporation in the first question, briefly explain what professional services the corporation will offer. If it’s a regular non-professional corporation, you can skip this question.
  • Character of the business: You must give a short description of the business conducted by the corporation.
  • Class of shares: In the fifth question, you need to list at least one class of shares and the series designation for all classes. Also confirm the total number of shares in each class.
  • Arizona street address: Provide a current known place of business, which can be the same address for the statutory agent (see below). This address will be public and must be maintained; otherwise, the corporation will be subject to administrative dissolution.
  • Director details: List all directors with their names and business addresses. All address blanks not marked optional must be filled in, and, like the known place of business, these addresses will be viewable online.
  • Statutory agent: Fill out the individual or entity serving as the statutory agent. Statutory agents, or registered agents as they are known in many other states, can be arranged through Arizona statutory agent services from ZenBusiness.
  • Statutory agent mailing address: This address must be a physical address in the state. Not a P.O. Box.
  • Statutory agent acceptance: The individual or entity named as the statutory agent must sign form M002 confirming their acceptance of the appointment. The online form is available on the ACC website. The Articles of Incorporation will be rejected if this form is not signed and submitted.
  • Certificate of Disclosure: Complete and submit this certificate form from the ACC website.
  • Incorporator information: Provide the name and addresses of all incorporators, plus their signatures and verification.

Supplemental Articles of Incorporation Filing Forms

To ensure a successful filing, make sure you carefully read the instructions to include any additional forms required for your corporation type. Arizona corporations are required to submit a Certificate of Disclosure along with the Articles of Incorporation. The statutory agent must complete Statutory Agent Acceptance Form M002.

Additionally, foreign corporations must include a Certificate of Good Standing with their filing.

Submitting Articles of Incorporation Forms

The $60 nonrefundable filing fee can be paid via Visa or MasterCard credit cards, check, money order, or cash. You can pay more for faster filling, with the following fees in addition to the $60 initial charge:

  • $35 expedited processing
  • $100 next day service
  • $200 same day service
  • $400 two-hour service

Processing times are posted weekly on the ACC website.

What to Submit

Your final submission checklist includes:

  1. Corporation cover sheet
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. Director attachment if required
  4. Incorporator form if required
  5. Acceptance form signed by the statutory agent
  6. Certificate of Disclosure and additional attachments
  7. Payment

Mail or In-Person Submissions

To file by mail, send all the paperwork and check payment to:

Arizona Corporation Commission Corporations Division
Examination Section
1300 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Checks should be written out to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Checks and money orders can be mailed, but cash and credit card payments are not accepted via mail.

Cash of $20 bills or smaller are accepted in person at the Phoenix office. It also accepts all other payment methods.

For questions and ACC customer service contact details, call 602-542-3026, or 800-345-5819 from within Arizona.

Estimated Turnaround Times

Mail and in-person Articles of Incorporation filing takes an estimated 15 to 17 days for normal processing times. These times vary on time of year and the number of filings. Mailing may take a few days longer to accommodate for postal service and sending documents back to incorporators. Expedited filing takes 5 to 7 days on average, with turnaround times regularly published on the ACC website.

When you’re ready to incorporate your business and submit your Articles of Incorporation, ZenBusiness can help. Learn more about forming an Arizona corporation and our support services in our Arizona corporation guide. Plus, when you invest in one of our business formation plans, we complete the Arizona Articles of Incorporation for you.

Arizona Articles of Incorporation FAQs

  • Check with the Arizona Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for current filing fees as well as expediting fees.

  • The normal estimated processing times for Articles of Incorporation are between 15 to 17 days or 5 to 7 days for expedited service.

  • The Arizona Corporation Commission processes Articles of Incorporation.

  • All businesses should consider a formal entity structure, but there are some that would do better as a corporation than other types. See ZenBusiness’s entity guide to see what’s right for you.

  • Arizona Statutes Chapter 10 govern the formation of corporations and associations, including Articles of Incorporation.

  • No. You don’t need an attorney. You can file the Articles of Incorporation by yourself.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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