6 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Digital Fax

Many years after the invention of fax machines, faxing is still an important aspect of communication in business. Despite fax machines losing popularity, they enjoyed 40 years ago, faxing still remains the best form of sending and receiving documents.

However, in the modern world, the traditional way of sending fax documents is no longer viable. That’s where digital faxing comes in. It allows people to share documents without relying on fax machines. Currently, most people work remotely, eliminating the need for fax machines forcing people to opt for digital faxing. 

This article has all that you need to know about digital fax, including what digital fax is and its benefits to small businesses. 

What Is Digital Fax? 

Digital fax is a completely online fax system that allows businesses to share documents over the internet through a computer, phone, tablet, or any other smart gadget. In other words, documents are sent and received electronically, and there’s no fax hardware required. 

You only need to upload your documents to your eFax account and send them using a custom-built fax online portal. In a traditional faxing system, paper documents are received and printed with the help of a fax machine. 

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Digital Fax?

  1. Provides Security

Compared to the traditional system, a digital faxing system can provide much security for your documents. The increase in the use of the internet comes with many challenges, such as cyber threats, security, and data breaches. 

With all these challenges, it’s no longer safe and secure to continue using the traditional way of faxing. That’s why digital fax is there to offer better security solutions. It provides much security in the management of the company’s documents and information. 

In the traditional faxing system, the scanned documents can stay in a fax machine for quite a long time. This can expose your documents to the risk of being seen and corrupted by the wrong people.

On the other hand, digital fax can be encrypted before transmission, and the recipient can only access it from their personal accounts that can be protected by passwords. 

  1. It Is Affordable

Unlike the traditional faxing system where you need to buy equipment, a digital fax system doesn’t require any equipment or software. You only need to have a smart gadget. Also, you’re only required to pay the monthly subscription fee, which allows you to save on costs that you could have been incurred in buying a traditional fax machine. 

  1. Helps Reduce Cost

Installing any hardware system comes with a lot of costs, and traditional faxing is no exemption. Some of these costs include cartridge ink, printing papers, and energy consumption. That’s you need to shift to digital faxing. It helps reduce costs. You can use the saved amount in other productive business operations. 

Also, in the traditional fax system, you’ll have to pay for repair and maintenance costs. All these costs can affect the profitability of your business. That’s why you need to consider the digital fax system. It’ll help eliminate some of these costs. 

  1. Allows Recordkeeping

Like any other digital process that makes the work more efficient, online fax makes work easier, especially when it comes to recordkeeping. With digital fax, you can store and retrieve documents at ease. It allows you to sort documents for easy storage and retrieval electronically. You can access these documents any time you want them and from wherever you are. 

  1. Helps Save Storage Space

Another benefit of using a digital fax system is that it can help save a lot of space. The traditional fax system involves the use of fax machines, some of which are too large. This attracts a lot of costs because you’ve to pay for machine storage space. 

Digital fax can save you from this hassle because it eliminates the need for storage space.  Reducing rental costs is much beneficial, especially for start-ups and small businesses trying to maximize their profits.  

  1. E-Sign Documents

With almost every business going online, there’s also an increase in the need to sign important documents online. Digital faxing can allow you to sign documents electronically, which helps save a lot of money because you don’t have to print anything to append your signature. This helps your business from incurring a lot of costs.  


The world is changing at a high rate than ever before. The advancements in technology have allowed most employees to work remotely. They even send documents remotely, and one of the best ways to send these documents is through a digital fax system. 

There are many benefits of using digital fax to send documents, as explained above. Integrating a digital fax system will help save on costs and help maximize profits. It’ll help you remain ahead of the competition in the long run.

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