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Corporate colors have the power to enhance your brand recognition by 80%, distinguish you from the competition, and establish customer trust. What is the best way to create effective color combinations with zero design skills? In this article, we’ve put together a rating of professional online color palette generators for desktop and mobile.  

1. Coolors

With this clever platform, you can compose a beautiful color palette using a neural net. You can adjust shades by temperature, saturation, brightness, and other parameters. The final result can be exported in any convenient format (PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG). Looking for a drop of inspiration? Check out the section with turnkey color schemes and borrow some ideas for your project! Coolors is also available via mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

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2. Colorsafe

Use Colorsafe to optimize your website according to the Web content accessibility guidelines. Submit the desired colors for your background and font – and the service will generate a palette accessible for users with vision impairments. Pick the best options and save them in your Favorites.

3. Color.Hailpixel

This service boasts an intuitive app for iOS. Pick the color in one click and adjust its shade and brightness. Also, you can benefit from the color identification feature. Is there a color that caught your eye? Point your smartphone camera st the color in question – and the app will identify the code and name of the hue.  

4. Colorhunt

Colorhunt features an open collection with thousands of ready-to-use palettes. The service is trusted by professionals from different fields, including marketers, graphic designers, illustrators, and web developers. You can either view palettes by category (New, Trending, Popular), or in random order. Save your favorite color combinations, manage your personal collection, and get color codes.

5. Galactic.Ink

This service with a smart color wheel is an ideal choice for consummate users. It offers an impressive selection of advanced tools that allow you to work wonders on your color palette. Feel free to choose different types of color schemes (analog, complementary, triads, tetrads, etc.), color models (RGB or RYB), light or dark backgrounds for your website, and many more. Export the finished combination into Illustrator or Photoshop. 

6. Colrd

If you’re dreaming of an eye-stopping color palette, you can’t go wrong with Colrd. This platform features an easy-to-navigate menu which is perfect for newbies. Check the “Discover” section for images picked up into colors. Here you can literally everything, from breathtaking paintings by Van Gogh to original works by modern photographers. Sort the graphics by category or view them in random order. Go to the “Create” section to pick one hue, compose an entire palette or craft a mesmerizing gradient. 

7. Sipapp

Compatible with both desktops and iOS devices, Sipapp is a paid online service for creating, managing, editing, and sharing color combos. During your creative process, you can see your newly generated palettes on the side panel, thus comparing different schemes against each other. Plus, Sipapp features a clever tool that converts color schemes into 24 formats for both web and screen.  

8. Flatuicolors 

Flatuicolors offers 280 amazing shades for branding, presentations, advertising, and other purposes. Plus, you can take advantage of 14 designer palettes. Copy the code of the hue that caught your eye and use it as you wish.

9. Paletton

Paletton is a powerful online color scheme generator with a color wheel and numerous features for experienced users. Pick a color scheme and customize it to get an unforgettable result! Also, you can check whether your color palette is optimized for the need of color blind users.   

10. Colr

This innovative service invites users to play around with colors and color schemes. You’re sure to like the tool that allows you to pick up any image into colors. Also, you can enter the name of the color and get a map of associations related to this shade.  

11. Javier.Xyz

This is another intuitive platform for crafting balanced color schemes. Submit your main and additional hues, pick the method for mixing them, and select the transparency value. Keep experimenting till you’re happy with the result! 

12. Colourco

Colourco allows you to manage colors with one movement of your finger. Select the right scheme, from monochrome to tetrade. View the options and save the combinations you like. The only downside is that you can’t filter schemes by color.  

Final thoughts

Nowadays, to brand your business, you don’t need to spend a fat budget on a professional designer. Take the advantage of smart color scheme generators to compose a neat color palette for your company. Don’t know where to start? Start with a logo, which is the fundamental element of your brand identity. The ZenBusiness logo maker offers the advanced functionality to generate a custom emblem in less than 5 minutes. Also, ZenBusiness can help you create other branding elements, including corporate color palettes, fonts, patterns, etc. 

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