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What’s the connection between the identity of art and that of business? Both use the same techniques such as symbolism, hidden meanings, and color associations. Ensure you learn from the experienced designers who have created the identity for The Witcher, a popular TV series. Analyze the logos’ meanings and apply the techniques to promote your company. 

The Witcher Episodes Logos

Each of the 8 episodes of the series comes with its own logo. The pictures appear at the beginning of the episodes along with the title and give a clue to what’s going to happen. 

1. “The End’s Beginning”

The sun-shaped logo conveys two important messages: it’s the symbol of the Nilfgaardian Empire and the association with the curse of the Black Sun. The image tells the tragic story of Princess Renfri who was born during a solar eclipse.

“The End’s Beginning”

2. “Four Marks”

The logo shows an obsidian star surrounded by snakes. This symbol belongs to the sorceress Yennefer who wears a chocker with an unusual star on her neck. 

“Four Marks”

3. “Betrayer Moon”

The emblem combines two symbols – a claw and a lily – at once. The claw is an attribute of a striga, Princess Adda who turned into a monster after the curse. The lily is a symbol of the Kingdom of Temeria where Adda lives.

“Betrayer Moon”

4. “Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials”

The episode is preceded by another complex logo – a tree pierced with a broken sword. The Sword of Destiny belongs to Ciri (also known as Zireael which is translated as “swallow”). And the magic tree appears in Ciri’s dream before the landmark events.

“Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials”

5. “Bottled Appetites”

The emblem portrays the intertwined figures of a man and a woman resembling an amphora. This symbol alludes to the fateful meeting of Geralt and Yennefer. Amphora means a jug of gin which appears in the plot and a tattoo of an amphora on Yennefer’s belly.

“Bottled Appetites”

6. “Rare Species”

The logo is shaped like a dragon the tail of which forms the infinity sign. It is the dragon that the heroes will be hunting in this episode.

“Rare Species”

7. “Before a Fall”

A burning lion at the beginning of the episode symbolizes the Slaughter of Cintra: the coat of arms of this province is represented by three golden lions.

“Before a Fall”

8. “Much More”

In the last episode, all the logos from the previous episodes are transformed into symbols of the three main characters indicating their reunion. These are the wolf depicted on Geralt´s medallion, Yennefer’s obsidian star, and Ciri´s swallow.

“Much More”

Colors and Fonts

All the logos are designed in black, white and gray creating an atmosphere of rigor and mystery. Sometimes soft shades of green or brown appear as a background.

In contrast to the complex logos, a simple minimalist sans serif font is chosen for typography.

Empires’ Logos



The Nilfgaardian Empire is the most powerful in The Witcher. It is no surprise that its visual embodiment was the sun with a human face symbolizing prosperity, radiance, and success. This image is used on all empire’s attributes such as coins, flags, etc.


The contrast black and yellow palette symbolizes royal power, force, mystery, and patronage.

Branding Techniques

The sun is a strong image that is worth using if you want to demonstrate your confidence, strong market position, and rich resources. Yellow will tell you about the brand’s optimism, warmth, and amiability.




The lily, a sign of purity and fertility has become one of the most popular figures in heraldic symbolism. This image was chosen for Temeria to demonstrate the power of the kingdom.


The black and white image is associated with restraint, style, chic, and prestige.

Branding Techniques

Minimalism and symbolism are universal branding techniques. The black and white palette in brand identity always looks stylish and never gets out of fashion. Such corporate design will suit reputable companies that are willing to declare their status and dignity.




An eagle is a traditional symbol of empires associated with power and force. This image was chosen to characterize Redania, one of the largest kingdoms.


The combination of red and white looks bright and bold. Red symbolizes energy, aggression, and courage while white symbolizes purity.

Branding Techniques

Look for branding solutions in the animal world but be careful that the image you choose does not evoke negative emotions. Use color associations to set the right mood for your logo.

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