Business Advantages of Using a Transcription Service

Transcription is an important part of life in many different types of businesses. It can be used to record what was said in interviews and meetings, it can turn audio into written documents for easier storage and access, and it can also add captions to videos to make them more accessible. 

With all these uses and scenarios where transcription can be used, it’s important that you get it done correctly and in a timely manner. So, instead of hiring someone to transcribe in-house, some businesses might be better off considering getting a contract with a third-party transcription service. Here, these services will be able to provide a whole host of solutions, and due to them only hiring experts in the field, these businesses can be assured that they are getting premium quality transcription. As well as this, here are some other advantages of using a transcription service for your business. 

It Saves Money 

Employing a full-time member of staff to provide transcriptions can be an expensive endeavor, especially if transcription isn’t a regular thing you need to engage with in the office. Getting someone to transcribe things in-house means you not only have to pay a regular salary, but also have to invest resources in recruitment and training. 

You can avoid these costs by working with a third-party transcription service like Verbit, where you only need to make a single payment for each piece of work. This can really reduce the costs of transcription. 

You can save further money with using a transcription service because many also offer a minimum project requirement. This means that if you only have a five-minute interview, your contract can roll over to the next assignment, meaning that you’re getting more value out of your contracts. 

Extremely Skilled Staff

Using a transcription service gives your business access to some of the best transcribers out there, meaning that you’ll be able to get a really high-quality piece of work at a fast pace. By using a service that only hires serious professional transcribers, you will be able to get a document that is free from inaccuracies that you can also expect to be delivered on time without any delays. 

There are various ways transcribers can achieve this good pace without sacrificing accuracy, with one being the implementation of a foot pedal to pause the audio as and when they need to. This enables them to work without having to stop their writing flow, allowing for better concentration and better productivity. Most transcribers are also highly trained in touch typing, meaning that they’re less likely to make mistakes, and even if they do, it’s common practice to go over a piece of work with in least three drafts, to iron out any faults and irregularities.


No type of transcription is the same. There are various different areas within transcription, all requiring a different approach and specialization. For example, some businesses might need medical transcription, while another might need a more legal type. 

Using a transcription service will enable your company to be flexible, as there will usually be a writer available to work on any specialty, meaning that you can be confident that even if you have a varied output of transcription tasks, they will all still have a great deal of quality.  

Eliminates Multi-Tasking 

Without hiring a third-party transcription service, many companies have to rely on an existing staff member to fulfill this duty. Not only does this mean that there’s the potential that this person will be vastly under-qualified, it also distracts them from their main role and purpose within the company, reducing the effectiveness of their usual output. 

Hiring a third-party service to do the transcription means that your staff members won’t have to multitask and could instead continue to focus solely on their other task, boosting productivity. Transcription requires a lot of concentration and focus, so getting an individual who is only totally focused on transcribing can help ensure that that it is accurate and that it is given all the attention and care that it deserves. 


When using a third-party transcription service, you don’t have to worry about the fact that it may not be within the company’s house style. Due to their vast experience, these services will be able to create unique and customizable documentation so that it fits the correct format of your business. All the requirements and preferences will be able to be taken account for when using these services, meaning that all your output can remain uniform and tied together well. 

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