The Different Types of Signage to Use in Advertising

Marketing is such a dynamic field, with options always expanding for how to advertise your business and target potential consumers. Consider these different places for advertising signage, from teardrop advertising flags to the traditional billboard, to help you create an effective marketing strategy.

Public Transport Labels

Buses, taxis, or trolleys are all great options for places to tag with your business’ personal advertisements. Put your spokesperson, your product, or your message on display for the world to see, and put it in places that offer direct exposure to potential customers. Putting your branding on public transport vehicles or in established locations with heavy traffic means that large groups of people, while in transit, will be exposed to who you are.

On-Site Banner Signs

Another idea for you to tap into your full marketing potential is making sure that you have adequate signage for your location of business itself. Utilizing variety in your signs is helpful to fully communicate your brand with enthusiasm. Consider including traditional banners, teardrop advertising flags, and even inflatable man banners, especially for promoting special sales or grand opening events in your area. You can get banner signs in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, depending on the tone you wish to set with them and the experience you wish to create for your customers.

Traditional Billboards

The right ad, with the right placement, can still provide an emphatic mark on potential customers. Consider the commuter who takes the same highway route every day to work. With a billboard advertising your business on their route, that means that every single day, your business and your brand are being imprinted on that commuter’s mind—so that whenever they need to seek the goods or services that you provide, your business will always be on the tip of their tongue. There’s something to be said for repetition in the marketing game. If nothing else, they’ll be sure to know your name.

These are the kinds of advertising that your target audience can’t simply click the skip button over or pay premium prices to avoid. It’s there for everyone to see. An aptly placed billboard or the right shade of teardrop advertising flags can be used to convey who you are and what you have to offer, or they can simply be a fun way to snag the attention of potential customers. It’s up to you to decide the strategy that’s best for your business.

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