How to Make Invoicing Clients Easier

Any contractor, gig worker or entrepreneur can tell you getting paid is harder than you think. You complete the work and get paid, right? Unfortunately, handling invoices and getting paid isn’t that easy in the real world. 

Too many entrepreneurs manually track their invoices, which wastes time and requires a high level of organization. With new technology available, automatically tracking invoices for free is an option every business owner and gig worker should consider.

Invoicing software, like ZenBusiness Money, is packed with automatic features for faster payments and more efficient billing processes. 

How ZenBusiness Money Makes Invoicing Clients Easier

Stop Creating Your Own Invoices

There’s a reason “how to create an invoice in Word” or “how to create an invoice in Google Docs” are two popular Google searches. When you’re a team of one, you need fast help to manually create invoices in Word, Google Docs, Excel or other programs.

But you can stop searching for invoice examples on the internet. Those days can be over forever by downloading the ZenBusiness Money invoicing software. The software offers automatic and customizable invoicing templates, so you can stop stressing about getting paid. Quickly mark up the customizable templates, adding lines as needed for different clients, and get back to work. 

Follow Up on Unpaid Invoices and Late Payments

Need a reminder to follow up on late payments? This invoicing software allows for that. You’ll manage paid and unpaid invoices in the same place. 

Set up payment reminders and schedules for customers who haven’t paid and stop losing out on any money. 

Stop Forgetting to Invoice

It’s shocking how many people forget to invoice clients or don’t follow up with their clients who don’t pay on time. Make it easy to remember and organize your invoices by housing them in one location. A quick glance at the smart dashboard will show you paid and unpaid invoices, so you won’t forget to invoice clients. 

Create Customizable Invoices

You likely aren’t trained on creating the best invoice template. Does your self-created invoice:

  • Look as professional as possible?
  • Avoid gaps for certain clients?
  • Include adjustable fields?

Many online invoice generators can help but aren’t perfect.

ZenBusiness Money offers professional invoices and templates that can easily be adjusted to match your needs. Quickly add or remove lines and create custom line items for different clients while keeping your professional invoice template.

This customizable function also means the software will grow with you. When you add clients, you won’t have to create new spreadsheets or tabs. Everything is housed in one location. 

Let our innovative invoice generator create customizable invoices for your current and future clients. 

Make Billing Easier and Increase Cash Flow

When you make it easier for your customer to pay you, you don’t have to track them down. The billing process doesn’t have to be confusing. 

Using software like ZenBusiness Money, your billing information is managed in one location. You can send invoices, track unpaid balances, send reminders, and stay on top of payments from the software.                                                         

Send Invoices

ZenBusiness Money allows you to send invoices to customers directly from the software without any cost to you. All invoicing features are included in the Pro version. Say goodbye to organizing invoices and sending them at different times. ZenBusiness Money keeps it all in one location. 

Download ZenBusiness Money

Why ZenBusiness Money is the Best Way to Invoice

ZenBusiness Money is a customer-favorite invoicing app which:

  • Allows for unlimited invoices.
  • Offers a wide range of other features in addition to invoicing like automatic tax tracking and end-to-end encryption. 
  • Time tracking? It will help you save time and make invoicing easier.
  • The smart dashboard and additional features are simple to use, so you get benefits other online invoice generator tools can’t compete with. 
  • Easily adjust to change. If payment terms or payment options change over time, the ZenBusiness Money app easily adjusts and allows you to maintain all of your line items in one place. 

If you’re looking to streamline your invoicing process, the ZenBusiness Money app is a great way to do it. You can instantly create customizable invoices quickly, track payments and set reminders for clients who haven’t paid. 

Make Invoicing Customers Easier

Ready to save time and get paid faster? Download the ZenBusiness Money invoice software and make invoicing clients easier than ever before.

Whether you accept payments with a debit card, credit card, app like Venmo, or other payment methods, you’ll be handling invoices like a pro. 

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