Kanat Baibachinov story – Baibachinov Studio brand

Founder of Baibachinov Studio that specializes in business process automation via Bitrix24 and AMO CRM.

Kanat Baibachinov




What design products did you need?

As a business owner, I have to do everything myself, including branding and packaging. I spent 5 days reading guides and watching videos on how to create a good logo. I talked to friends, freelancers, and other companies in my industry. I’d like to have a clever logo (like Apple’s design) but for a reasonable price.

What did you like about ZenBusiness?

I chose ZenBusiness and don’t regret it a bit. It’s very easy to use, even a kid can create a logo with ZenBusiness! It’s a great solution if you’re just starting out with you branding. I’m not a design expert but I think my logo captures my company’s spirit. Good job, guys!

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