Social Media Marketing for Restaurants: 99 Dollar Social Review

Today’s restaurant business has been greatly changed due to the explosive growth of social media marketing. No restaurant can rely only on good old-fashion word-of-mouth, now restaurateurs must capitalize on internet, social media and mobile marketing channels to succeed. Read the full review of 99 dollar social here

The restaurant business is tough. It is hard enough to succeed in an industry with a 60% failure rate, much less keep up with the learning curve of social media and finding time in your hectic day to remember to post on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!   This is precisely why I recommend getting a quality social media services company, my choice is $99 social, to post to your accounts and build your online presence and get customers coming in to dine.

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Restaurant Marketing on Social Media – $99 dollar Social Services

Effectively using social media is one of the most powerful marketing moves you can make this year.  Posting on Facebook and Instagram is like advertising to thousands of new customers for pennies. Be aware that social media goes way beyond just branding and awareness, it helps you to target your ideal customer and get valuable feedback. To win it you have to be in it!

Many of my restaurant marketing clients either don’t know how to post and manage their social media accounts or forget to post regularly. Thus they are missing out on the most effective restaurant marketing tools today – one that their competitors are excelling at!

So instead of trying to learn the new technology, hoping to remember to post on a daily basis or having an employee or your kid manage your social media, get the experts on your side – very affordable at 99 dollar social.

Why I recommend 99 dollars social for restaurants

  1. Social Media Plan is created and followed for best results – based on prior successful campaigns they have done for restaurants
  2. Daily Posting on all the top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest keeps your social presence growing and your restaurant in your customers minds
  3. High-Quality content social media postings of interesting and compelling topics for your target customers, with well-written text and beautiful images.

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

Example of 99 dollar Quality of Social Media Posts on Facebook

This is one of 99 dollar social customers Facebook page postings for a Japanese restaurant.  See the list of recent posts by 99social experts, and notice the varied topics, beautiful images combined with interesting text – and properly coded hashtags.  Much more effective than the repetitious boring, blurry photos of only food dishes with no imagination.

  1. Visiting Japan is a unique experience – 109 Reasons Japan is a Unique Country
  2. Hungry for Sushi? Spring Rolls
  3. Japanese Dining Etiquette
  4. 20 Things Nobody Told you about Visiting Japan
  5. Get a kick from eating spicy food? Try the Hot Night Sushi

Read the full review of 99 dollar social here

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