Why Social Media Is So Important For Your Online Store

Do you know why social media exists?

Well, the answer is simple; to diversify human interactions.

And social media has surpassed that simple idea. Today’s social media has evolved into several platforms that do more than connect people. Now you not only communicate, but you can also buy, sell and advertise services and products. Social media has become an income channel for entrepreneurs who use it for their eCommerce enterprises—making it very important.

Below are some of the reasons why social media is so crucial for any eCommerce website.

To facilitate easier customer service

All eCommerce businesses thrive on client feedback. And social media has made getting this feedback faster and more efficient. Whenever clients have a query about a service or product, they message the business page, and in return, get personalized help. The development of this rapport between the client and service providers is essential. Since the client feels catered to, they are bound to stick around and, even better, refer their friends.

Social media is a hub of potential clients

Did you know that almost every person who has a smart mobile phone has an account on social media? That is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, to mention a few. And what does that mean? Clients, right?

Social media is, therefore, an ocean of leads just waiting to be impressed. And one more great thing about social media for eCommerce sites is that sometimes the leads come to you. For instance, if someone is looking for a company selling baby shoes, they can get a seller in a heartbeat on social media. One only types in ‘baby shoes’ and all tags, accounts, and relevant posts are highlighted. And so, if an eCommerce site matches the description on search, they get extra traffic to the website through social media.

It helps build brand credibility

Seeing is believing. And social media has embraced this analogy to the fullest. And eCommerce websites, therefore, jump on this opportunity for a credibility boost. Social media is a fast-paced world where you are only relevant for the microseconds you post content. And so, to remain relevant for longer, you have to keep posting day in day out to be seen. Once a business gets that public recognition, they become a trusted brand. Furthermore, the brand becomes memorable and easy to remember.

Social media helps business owners gauge the success of their strategies

Through analytics and insights that social media provides, an online store efficiently gets to forecast its success. These insights show how the marketing campaigns are running and give a quantitative analysis of everything. This information is seen on reports, and every tool employed is included. Through these reports, the business owners get to see what is working and what is not.

This then prompts them to either change or better the strategies. Numbers never lie, and social media provides that truth for businesses.

Social media help companies create communities around them

People who gather for a common cause usually have something bringing them together. Social media is that glue for clients and potential leads around a company’s product and service. People mentioning, tagging, and making reviews on the brand make it trustworthy. The conversation around these items builds a community around its products, which is advantageous for the enterprise.

Social media is great for companies to use for advertisements

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. And so when a business posts a photo on their pages, they are telling a story through social media marketing. These stories gravitate towards telling more about the brand or something related to it. This right here is mostly achieved for free.

But then again, social media platforms such as Instagram allow the business account owners to promote posts. These comprehensive services are affordable, with one post costing the least amount of only $3 a day. The price rises according to the promotion’s duration, plus the number of people you intend to reach. All in all, it has provided online enterprises a free and accessible marketing platform that produces results.

Take away

Social media is that one place you can get everything you seek—groceries, laundry services, dance schools, cooking tips, hangouts, and any other thing. Whatever you think of, social media definitely has it somewhere within its databases. So is your business one of those that can be found? If not, then what are you waiting for? Open a page right this instant and start engaging your clients.

Social media is a hub of clients, so why not jump in and secure you some more? Do it because of all the essential aspects it helps businesses with mentioned above. When you do, you will witness significant changes later on. The great news is that social media keeps advancing. So, do you want to be left behind? Social media is a gem; use it.

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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