How to Create a Cypress Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

In Asia, the cypress symbolizes good health and longevity. However, on logos, the cypress is most often associated with reliability (because its wood is strong and insects do not spoil it), durability, and aesthetics. Many companies use the image of a tree as a symbol of their region. Such logos are chosen by manufacturers and resort complexes.

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Who uses it?

The Cypress Mountain ski complex uses a text-symbolic logo: The letter “i” in the name is replaced by a symbolic tree crown. The logo of Cypress P & C also uses a tree symbol. A cypress silhouette surrounded by a drop of water is the Cypress Environmental corporate sign. A detailed drawing of a tree with a white and blue color scheme is on the Cypress Capital logo. Three cypress trees combined with text logos compose the official symbol of Cypress Employment Services.

Cypress Mountain Logo
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Which elements to choose?

To create a cypress logo, the well-recognized silhouette of this tree is usually used. A thin, elongated trunk is often combined with text logos. You can also use a pattern of the characteristic weaving of branches or stylized images of the needles of an evergreen tree. You can add other details that emphasize the brand’s features (for example, mountains or a lake for the logo of a resort complex). Additionally, you can use geometric shapes or abstract details to create a visual cypress-like symbol.

Cypress Hills Logo
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Which colors to choose?

Most of the existing cypress logos are made in a range of green shades: from light to saturated. This decision is justified, as it creates an association with the natural color of an evergreen tree. At the same time, other color schemes can be used if the style and philosophy of the brand require it (including simple combinations or the use of one neutral shade). However, in this case, there should be other details that reveal the essence of the image on the logo. This can be, for example, the presence of the word “cypress” in the name of the company.

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