How to Create an Oak Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The mighty oak is associated with power, longevity, firmness (in the literal and figurative senses), power, and the ability to withstand all problems. In traditional culture, the oak was endowed with magical properties and religious symbolism. In the modern sense, this tree is a symbol of reliability, energy, and prosperity. The oak logo is suitable for manufacturers (especially if their work is related to wood), environmental organizations, health and environmental products companies, and brands that want to tell their customers about their strong position, confidence, and reliability.

Black Oak Logo
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Mossy Oak Logo

Who uses it?

The Mossy Oak brand, specializing in camouflage clothing and accessories, has a three-color logo with the silhouette of an oak covered with moss (thus, the logo complements the name). An oak leaf is the symbol of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. An oak leaf surrounded by the intertwined letters O and G is on the Oak Grove Technologies logo. An interesting symbol was drawn for Oak Harbor Freight Lines; it resembles a leaf in terms of form, but it differs in that it has an interesting color scheme. The Oak Park Elementary School District 97 logo shows an acorn. The picture is supplemented by a leaf image.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Logo
Oak Grove Technologies Logo
Oak Harbor Logo
Oak Foundation Logo

Which elements to choose?

Visual details that create direct associations with an oak are suitable for a logo with this tree. This is primarily a silhouette with a distinctive crown shape and powerful roots, as well as oak leaves, and acorns. Because there are a lot of recognizable “oak” elements, they can be used either one at a time or combined with each other. They also can be composed of the text versions of the logo, thus creating unique combinations. This option is especially suitable for brands with a name that contains the word “oak,” and there is no need to apply symbolism with a literal interpretation.

Oak Park Elementary Logo
Oak Leaf Logo
Oak Tree Resources Logo
Sage Oak Logo

Which colors to choose?

The color scheme of the logo with the image of an oak often repeats the natural shades of wood and leaves. The color may also depend on the brand name, especially if it refers to a color characteristic. Any combination of colors, even the most unexpected ones (if it reflects the essence of the company), is suitable for a schematic image of a tree or an abstract logo. If we analyze other brands’ logos with an oak, we can note the predominant use of dark, saturated colors.

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Red Oak Nutrition Logo
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