How to Create an Iris Logo?

Iris Gala Logo

Symbolic meaning

In the modern sense, the iris flower is a symbol of fidelity, beauty, respect, and friendship. In traditional culture, an iris has been associated with steadfastness, strength, the beauty of the rainbow, sincerity, and reliability. A logo with an image of this flower will suit many brands. The universal symbolic meaning allows you to use the image for branding IT companies, beauty salons, flower boutiques, shops, charitable foundations, and many other organizations.

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Iris Bed and Breakfast Logo

Who uses it?

A flower harmoniously complements the text part of the logo on the corporate sign of the Italian guest house Iris Bed and Breakfast. The symbol of the Italian manufacturer Iris Ceramica is the silhouette of a flower with a rectangle that resembles ceramic tiles in the background. The logo of the technology company HKT Iris consists of abstract elements that visually resemble a flower bud. In the combined logo of the Russian textile company Iris, the name is supplemented with images of recognizable petals.

Iris Ceramica Logo
HKT Iris Logo
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Iris Smart Circle Logo

Which elements to choose?

Several traditional details are used for a logo with the image of an iris, such as an image of flowers on stems, flower buds, or petals. The iris has a special form, so even a schematic image provides good recognition. If the logo combines text and symbols, and the word “iris” is present in the company name, you might not use a detailed image. In such cases, abstractions and other visualization methods that are vaguely reminiscent of a flower are often used.

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Which colors to choose?

Color is a key element of developing a logo with an iris flower. There are many options because there are many shades of irises, allowing you to reflect them in the colors of the brand. Nature has already done everything for you. The most common colors of irises are blue, purple, pink, white, yellow, orange, and red. There are no strict requirements; you can depict the logo in black and white if the style of the brand requires it. However, in this case, you may need a detailed image of the bud.

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