How to Create a Rose Logo?

St Rose Of Lima Logo

Symbolic meaning

The queen of flowers is associated with love, mystery, wisdom, silence, secret and pride. It also acts as a symbol of Catholicism.

Heraldic Rose Logo
Caravan Rose Logo
Windrose Logo
Black Rose Logo

What industries use?

Rose logos are used by numerous flower shops, cosmetic brands, beauty salons, and wedding organizers, as the image of the flower is very attractive to their customers. The emblem with the queen of flowers is successfully used in cafes, women’s shops specialized in underwear and clothes, photo studios, delivery and service agencies.

Prim Rose Logo
Red Rose Logo
Three Roses Logo
Guns n Roses Logo

How to choose the right colors?

In most cases, a flower should not be enclosed within the framework of a trademark, it is better to use it as an endless virgin-white background, shading a purple-red symbol of temptation. If you need frames, use a monophonic background. The best color for a trademark is crimson red, although it all depends on the scope of your activity and your creativity. Some manufacturers use elegant black and gold. The most recognizable brands crowned with a rose: the French cosmetics Lancome, Heidi Kimura Art, Napa Rose Hotel in Disneyland, and Guns n’ Roses.

Lancome Logo
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Heidi Kimura Art Logo
Dekor Servise Logo

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