How to Create a Christmas Tree Logo?

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Christmas Logo

Symbolic meaning

An evergreen Christmas tree symbolizes honesty, courage, and stamina. In the cultural traditions of some countries, it is associated with patience and perseverance. It is also a symbol of eternal life. At the same time, two basic meanings are used in the modern interpretation: It is a symbolic tree for Christmas and New Year, and a symbol of environmental friendliness and natural purity. A Christmas tree on a logo is suitable for companies engaged in the cultivation and sale of Christmas trees, as well as constructors, woodworking enterprises, campsites, recreation centers, and companies that want to emphasize their proximity to nature or the forests. If the tree is a symbol of a region or city, it can be used for the logo of any local company.

Carl And Dorothy Youngs Christmas Trees Logo
Wholesale Christmas Trees Logo
Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Logo
Spar Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of the American store Anthony’s Christmas Trees depicts four Christmas trees against the backdrop of the silhouette of a mountain and sunrise. A similar solution was chosen for the logo of the Mountain Advantage Christmas Trees farm. An even more simplified image of a Christmas tree is depicted on the logo of the Dutch supermarket chain Spar. Three detailed tree drawings are depicted on the logo for The Christmas Tree Company. A simple drawing symbolizing the Christmas tree was created for the Christmas Tree World branding.

Anthony's Christmas Trees Logo
Mountain Advantage Christmas Trees Logo
Christmas Tree World Logo
Willard Family Logo

Which elements to choose?

Two details are most often chosen for a logo with an image of a Christmas tree: the silhouette of a tree and the image of a branch. The drawing can be detailed, close to the image of a real Christmas tree. However, its silhouette is quite often made up of several triangles. Such a simplified format still provides character recognition. If necessary, you can add details that emphasize the specifics of the brand: decorations, mountains, the sun, carpenter’s tools, a house symbol, etc.

Keris Logo
Ledge Hill Logo
Porter Hills Logo
Skyline Logo

Which colors to choose?

Shades on the green spectrum are a traditional solution for a logo with the image of a Christmas tree. They increase recognition and create direct associations. You do not need to bring the color closer to the natural color of the needles; instead, you can choose the shade that is most suitable for the style of the visual elements of the brand. On the other hand, you can completely abandon green and use other colors: The silhouette of a tree will remain recognizable without that. Here, the image of the Christmas tree can be called universal.

Singing Tree Logo
The Christmas Tree Company Logo
Tree Association Logo
New Yaer ZenBusiness logo

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