How to Create a Cherry Logo?

Cherry Hill Logo

Symbolic meaning

In Asian and European cultures, a cherry symbolizes good luck, rebirth, and the rising sun. The Slavs associated the cherry with homeland, home, and family. In the modern sense, this berry can be used as a symbol of playfulness, creative energy, a good mood, or any other positive qualities. Therefore, the cherry logo is suitable for an entertainment institution, a media company, a clothing manufacturer, an event organization, a cafeteria, a restaurant, and many other brands.

Cherry Cake Logo
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Cherrybiotech Logo

Who uses it?

A berry silhouette in a round frame is the logo of the Cherry Biotech company. A berry drawing, as if composed of water droplets, is the Cherry Irrigation brand sign. Cherry Hills used the image of three berries on a branch as the logo of its golf club. A similar logo option is used by the computer accessories manufacturer Cherry GmbH. For branding company, Cherry. Marketing Met Pit drew a simple symbol: The berries are indicated by red circles and complemented by a symbol of a leaf from a tree.

Cherry Irrigation Logo
Cherry Hills Country Club Logo
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Cherry Inspections logo

Which colors to choose?

The traditional logo with a cherry is depicted in compliance with the original, dark red color scheme. This is especially important if the image on the logo is schematic and you need to let the audience understand what kind of berry has been drawn. If the association is obvious (for example, the word “cherry” is in the brand name), there are no strict requirements for the color of the logo. You can use any suitable solution for a logo with a cherry, in accordance with the identity. Unusual variants are also allowed (for example, gold).

Cherry Hill Church Logo
Cherry Marketing Logo
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Peps Wild Cherry Logo

Which elements to choose?

For a logo with a cherry, you can choose details that match the style of the brand. For example, modern brands can experiment with schematic, abstract images that only vaguely resemble a famous berry. Examples include a half-circle, straight line, and leaf outline. You can also use the text version of the logo. If the company’s positioning requires traditional solutions, you can choose the detailed option of a well-recognizable berry. The logo can be complex: The image of cherries in it can be combined with others that reveal the brand’s core values ​​.

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