How to Create a Bread Logo?

Learn how to create an inviting bread logo that embodies warmth, freshness, and tradition, ensuring your bakery stands out in the market.

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Big Sky Bread Logo

What industries use?

Bread is traditionally associated with well-being and abundance. When seeing the image of it, people think about a delicious meal with their family and friends. Due to a variety of positive connotations, a bread logo is used by a wide spectrum of businesses, such as bakeries, confectionery shops, cafés and restaurants, agricultural enterprises, and liquor brands. By putting bread on their emblems, companies are saying that their products are fresh, eco-friendly, and delicious. Along with a loaf of bread, other popular icons include grain and wheat spikes.

Avenue Bread Logo
Bakery Village Logo
Monreale Bread Co Logo
Turano Logo

What companies use?

Let’s embark on a round-the-world trip and see how modern brands have incorporated bread into their corporate identities. Franziskaner, a celebrated German beer brand, has placed wheat spikes on its logo. A loaf of bread embellishes the emblem of Elektra, a bakery chain in the north of Greece. Baking artisan bread since 1962, Turano (Berwyn, Illinois) has come up with a charming baker mascot.

Panera Bread Logo
Franziskaner Logo
Arnold Logo
Better Choice Breads Logo

How to choose the right colors?

To emphasize that you are only using natural and fresh ingredients, employ vivid hues and high-definition images. Let your customers enjoy your emblem as much as your baking! In terms of colors, baking is associated with yellow. However, yellow is too aggressive to be used on its own. Try mixing it with white, green or brown. Combining yellow with soft shades of red may also be a good choice.

Quality Bread Logo
Zurich Bread Logo
Bread King Bakery Logo
Zeineken ZenBusiness Logo

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,600 reviews

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