How to Create a Tea Logo?

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General information

Tea is a traditional drink that has always been in high demand. The tea market is constantly developing: New brands appear alongside classic well-known manufacturers. Changes take place in the customers’ minds: For example, Chinese tea has become one of the trending versions, squeezing out Indian varieties. Trademarks prefer to change their logos in accordance with the trends. They are also influenced by other factors: a fashionable desire for minimalism, the product category (economy, middle segment, and premium), and the manufacturer’s positioning.

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Chai Leaves Logo

Symbolic meaning

A tea logo in the classic sense should be associated with the freshness and vigor that the drink gives. The elements that cause a strong association with tea are a tea leaf and a recognizable cup. The image of a teapot can be added to them. The Asian origin of tea is emphasized using hieroglyphs (or their stylization). Manufacturers with a long history use their own recognizable emblems for the logo. New brands have a wider scope for imagination: The main thing is that the symbols create the necessary emotional response among consumers.

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Green Tea Logo
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Tetley logo

Who uses it?

The Tetley brand logo depicts the name of the company near which the symbol is located. A branch of a tea tree with a leaf is seen in it. The Bigelow company also chose a text version of the logo, stylizing the letter “O” as the image of a teapot with a leaf inside. Lipton has glorified its text logo with white letters on a red background. Twining’s uses a traditional crest for its tea, emphasizing the historical value of the British brand. A similar decision was made by the Dilmah tea brand. The symbol of the American brand The Republic of Tea is a well-recognized outline of the teapot.

Bigelow Logo
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Which elements to choose?

When creating a modern tea logo, it is recommended that you emphasize simplicity. Here is where the desire for textual logos with (or without) minimalistic visual additions comes from. The color scheme tends toward light shades. Many modern brands use a simple combination of a black logo on a white packaging background. However, if the brand managed to create a different associated color perception, you should not abandon it. Images that are not overloaded with details are appreciated. This is a worldwide trend: The buyer should not be left wondering, but should be to understand the purpose of the goods in 1-3 seconds.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,762 reviews

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