How to Create a Hot Dog Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

A hot dog logo is strongly associated with the popular fast-food dish. Worldwide distribution has ensured maximum recognition: It is enough to schematically depict a long bun with two ends of a sausage so that the target audience can guess what is shown in the picture without any hints. The image of the hot dog defines the specialization of the brand quite clearly: It can be the production of ready-to-cook foods, a fast-food restaurant, a transportable snack bar, or a popular fast food delivery service.

Frankie Hot Dog Logo
Hot Dog Delicious Logo
Hot Dog Fresh Logo
The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company logo

Who uses it?

A hot dog logo is chosen by hundreds of brands around the world. For example, the Boston Hot Dog logo shows a sausage with sauce in a bun – a traditional symbol for a company specializing in fast food. An image of a long sausage complemented the text logo of the brand The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company. Hot Dog Cart Store, a company specializing in the production of equipment for street food, supplemented its logo with wheels and an umbrella, turning it into a recognizable trolley for making sausages in buns.

Boston Hot Dog Logo
Cart Store Logo
American Hot Dog Logo
Hot Dog Shop Logo

General recommendations

A hot dog logo is extremely popular, which is important to consider. On the one hand, this symbol makes it very easy to associate a company with its field of business. On the other hand, it is used by many brands. Therefore, it is recommended that you evaluate the niche: If the closest competitors do not use this symbol, you can do so. However, we recommend supplementing the image and personalizing it for your business. In this case, a logo with a hot dog will be recognizable and, at the same time, become associated with your company.

Hot Dog Happy Logo
Hot Dog Haus Logo
Hot Dog Logo
MJS Hot Dog logo

Which elements to choose?

The answer seems obvious, as a bun with a sausage lying inside it is the basis of a logo with a hot dog. If you want to make the image unique, you can leave a recognizable outline and add other elements. Or vice versa: Use the classic image and add something unusual (background, details) or new details. For example, a bun flying on a rocket is a good symbol for a food delivery service. If you analyze well-known logos, you can see that many of them do not deviate from the standard color scheme, depicting a yellow bun, pink sausage, and red sauce.

Hot Dog Street Food Cart Logo
Oh My Dog Logo
Shepard Hot Dog Logo
Yum Yum ZenBusiness logo

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