How to Create a Logo With a Tomato?

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Symbolic meaning

A logo with the image of ripe, juicy tomato evokes a strong association with rich taste, tomato juice with salt, hot pizza, and summer. Of course, it always cheers up people. Therefore, it is also used as a symbol by companies that have nothing to do with either the gastro business or agriculture. The vegetable, filled with the energy of the sun and having a bright, active color, literally “asks” for the logo. Tomato emblems can be recommended for branding advertising agencies, media, online stores, pizzerias and cafes, agricultural companies, and firms specializing in vegetable sales.

Hot Tomato Fm Logo
Hot Tomato Fm Logo
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Who uses it?

The world-famous recommendation resource Rotten Tomatoes, where you can find the most reliable movie and television series reviews, made tomatoes its symbol because it was this vegetable (although in a spoiled form) that dissatisfied spectators threw at mediocre artists. In the text logo, the two letters “O” are replaced by these vegetables – one in the cross-section and the other as a whole. On the Tomato Talent logo, there is a vegetable cut into segments. The brand name for the creative agency No Tomato is a flattened fruit. It attracts attention and symbolizes a non-standard approach to solving client problems.

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Which elements to choose?

A tomato logo is easy to create thanks to the visual recognition of the symbol. A round shape, red color, and green leaves are enough to sketch these elements schematically; the audience will recognize the vegetable. This is a good solution for companies not directly related to vegetable production and sale. Agricultural companies and producers prefer accurate images to emphasize the quality and freshness of tomatoes. Also, gastronomic establishments often turn tomatoes into symbolic characters, creating the necessary mood. To do this, they add various elements to the symbol: eyes, mustache, limbs, kitchen utensils, etc.

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Which colors to choose?

The obvious decision for a logo with a tomato is to choose a shade from the red spectrum. The image of a fresh vegetable evokes positive associations among the audience. A similar solution is justified when developing a text logo. For example, the letter “o” in the word “tomato” can be made red by depicting it in the shape of a vegetable. However, there are no restrictions: You can choose any color that suits the style of the brand for your symbol. The main thing is that the target audience understands exactly what is displayed on the logo.

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