How to Create a Logo for Whiskey?

Macallan Logo

Symbolic Meaning

Whiskey is one of the main drinks in Western society. Moreover, it is actively penetrating ours. In a traditional niche, this drink is considered to be a symbol of man’s fight and victory over nature. Another important symbolic meaning is tradition. Timeless recipes, classic producers – such qualities are appreciated by whiskey fans. Therefore, the logo may contain elements that demonstrate solidity and respect for traditions. However, at the same time, modernist elements are allowed, especially for young brands. They can be used as opposed to classic manufacturers’ ones.

Bells Logo
McClelland’s Logo
Dewars Logo
Famous Grouse Logo

Who uses it?

A red partridge was chosen as the whiskey logo for Famous Grouse (which supplies the Queen of Great Britain). This is a rare bird that emphasizes the uniqueness of the drink. Woodford Reserve whiskey’s logo depicts the shape of a bottle with a classic form of this drink. McClelland’s manufacturer chose the spelling option, placing the year of the brand’s foundation in the central part of the logo. Two lions, looking like they stepped off a family coat of arms, are the characters of the Whyte & Mackay logo. Indeed, they are stylized images of the coat of arms of the founder’s family. The Crown Royal brand chose the royal crown as its main symbol, emphasizing the uniqueness and value of the drink.

Woodford Logo
Crown Royal Logo
Whyte and Mackay Logo
Proper Twelwe logo

Which elements to choose?

Whiskey production is a niche in which you must compete with companies founded over 100 years ago. You can create a logo according to their style, using monograms, imitations of family coats of arms, or shields. The classic decision is to use a character: a person in a certain image, a bird, or an animal. Many brands abandon the symbolic logo, focusing on a unique font and a special, recognizable spelling of the name. This allows them to get a unique label and make it as visible as possible. This approach is used not only by new companies but also by many classic manufacturers.

Glenfiddich Logo
Grants Logo
Jameson Logo
Jack Daniels Logo

Which fonts to choose?

In analyzing whiskey logos, you can notice a trend: Many brands use thin serif fonts. They retain the style of the 19th-century traditional printing. The goal is obvious: In this way, you can create the image of a traditional drink with a history. This quality is appreciated above all others by many whiskey fans. The text part is supplemented with a color scheme. Basically, these are the shades characteristic of the drink: a range of brown and gold, with an emphasis on rich, dark tones. New brands use brighter colored accents, which makes them stand out and emphasizes their willingness to embrace change and make fresh decisions.

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